Writer: Paul Feldman

Paul Feldman is a FairWarning staff writer.

Consumer Protection

Tests Show a Remedy for Gruesome Underride Crashes

(Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) Each year, roughly 150 motorists are killed when their cars plow into the sides of big-rig trailers, slicing off the windshields and roofs. But many of these gruesome underride deaths can be prevented, according to a new study and crash videos from the [...]


Tax Break for High-Alcohol Wine Sours Health Advocates

(Patrik Stednak/iStock) Winemakers could soon receive a tax break that would spur production of higher-alcohol wines, a move that would pad their bottom lines but that has health advocates seeing red. The proposal, which has strong bipartisan support in Congress, would cut taxes by 50 cents per gallon [...]

Public Health

Smartphone Distractions, Drinking Help Spur Rising Pedestrian Death Toll

(Photo by phillyskater/iStock) Pedestrian deaths are surging across the nation, and analysts are putting much of the blame on drivers and walkers who are looking at their smartphones instead of watching where they are going. Tipsy walking also is part of the problem, with one in three victims [...]

Consumer Protection

Very Safe, Except for One Thing…

(Photo by WendellandCarolyn/iStock) Can a used car be marketed as “safe” or “certified” even if it has defective air bags, a faulty ignition switch or other potentially lethal problems? Yes, so long as the used car dealer discloses that the vehicle may be subject to a pending safety [...]


Cone of Silence on Enforcement News from U.S. Labor Department

In November, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced fines against businesses with workers who were killed when they were pulled into a wood chipper, burned in a refinery fire and crushed in collapsing grain bins and construction trenches. In all, OSHA issued 33 enforcement news releases that month, [...]


A Grim Pattern: Presidential Voting and Workplace Deaths

(iStock photo) More than 4,800 American workers are killed on the job each year. But in states that were carried by Donald Trump, the chances of dying at work are higher than in states that Hillary Clinton won. With a single exception, the states that voted Republican had [...]

Public Health

Ketchup or PFAS With Those Fries?

Donald Trump enjoying a celebratory fast-food meal last May after clinching the GOP presidential nomination. (Instagram/@realdonaldtrump) As if cheeseburgers, fries and microwave popcorn weren't enough of a dietary worry, now comes word that fast-food packaging is also a cause for concern. In a paper published today, federal government [...]

Consumer Protection

They’re Everywhere!

The Fall of Icarus is the Greek myth about a youth who gets a pair of wax-and-feather wings but soars too close to the sun--melting the wings and casting him into the sea. In the 1990s, a consulting firm called Failure Analysis Associates ran tongue-in-cheek ads aimed at corporate lawyers [...]

Public Health

Death Toll Climbs for Walkers and Cyclists as Traffic Safety Measures Take a Back Seat

iStock photo More Americans are bicycling or walking to work these days, getting healthy exercise and doing their bit to reduce traffic and air pollution. But with little government investment in safety measures, such as protected bike lanes and sidewalks, more cyclists and pedestrians also are getting killed. [...]

Public Health

Speed Limiters for Big Rigs

iStock photo For more than a decade, most large commercial trucks have been equipped with electronic technology that can limit the speed at which they hurtle down the nation's highways. But federal officials have not required the devices to be switched on, despite requests by safety advocates as [...]