Writer: Matthew Richmond

Matthew Richmond is a researcher-reporter for FairWarning.

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Gulf Oil Spill: Effort to Seal Leak May Be Delayed, Disputes Over Dispersant

After failing for more than a month to stop the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, BP is almost ready to try its next strategy. The company described on Tuesday a plan to plug the well with a mixture of heavy drilling liquids. The strategy, known as "top kill," [...]

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Dangerous Germ Can Travel Through the Air, Study Finds

A new study by British researchers has found that a dangerous bacterium can travel through the air, posing a new problem for medical personnel fighting hospital-acquired infections. The germ, Clostridium difficile, can cause fever, abdominal pain, nausea, severe diarrhea and sometimes a serious inflammation of the intestines. Researchers tested the [...]

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Pediatricians Want Warning Labels for Foods That Can Choke

The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging the federal government to require labeling on foods that are known choking hazards, similar to the labeling already required on toys, The New  York Times reports. You have a SuperBall that by government regulation has to carry warnings telling people it’s a risk [...]

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Families Say Massey Encouraged Workers to Hide Safety Violations

Family members of the 29 workers killed in last month's explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia told lawmakers Monday that Massey Energy encouraged workers to cover up safety violations. Gary Quarles, the father of a deceased worker, said miners were quietly informed when inspectors arrived and [...]

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U.S. Regulators Ignored Warnings of Offshore Oil Drilling Risks

Federal officials in charge of regulating offshore oil drilling repeatedly ignored warnings from government scientists about the environmental impacts of drilling, in order to avoid delaying millions of dollars in drilling leases with oil companies, The Washington Post reports. Officials at the Minerals Management Service receive cash bonuses for completing [...]