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Public Health

No Walk in the Park for Americans Struggling with Cabin Fever Amid Coronavirus Crisis

While public health experts continue to assure people that being outside is generally safe — with appropriate social-distancing of at least six feet — a new message is emerging about how far Americans should venture, and what is acceptable behavior.

Public Health

Bugs, Mold and Unwashed Hands: Rampant Safety Violations in Nursing Home Kitchens Endanger Residents

A FairWarning investigation found serious food safety problems in nursing homes and assisted living centers nationwide.


Worker Advocates Burned Up Over Lack of Federal Heat Protections

Over the years, hundreds of workers have died from heat stress in fields and at construction sites. Citing the warming climate, groups have renewed calls for a federal heat standard.


No Verdict in Sight on Safety of Crumb Rubber Fields, Prompting Angst All Around

More than three years after federal agencies launched their investigation of crumb rubber fields, they have yet to issue any safety findings--frustrating parents, coaches, and the recycling industry.