Writer: Lilly Fowler

Lilly Fowler is assistant editor at FairWarning.

Consumer Protection

Emotionally and financially, “it’s devastating.” — Adam Thull

Adam Thull with his wife, Courtney, 4-year-old daughter, Stevie, and 8-year-old son, Cyril. (Kelli Engstrom) LISTEN: Listen to Adam Thull describe his accident and how it has affected his life. Adam Thull was building a checkout counter for a local bookstore when he noticed a wood [...]

Consumer Protection

“Within a second my fingers were on the ground.” — Tom Corbett

Listen to Tom Corbett describe his accident and how it has affected his life. Tom Corbett was helping remodel the front entryway of a home in Manchester, Mass., two years ago when suddenly his life changed forever. A piece of wood he was trying to cut jammed in his table [...]


Lead Exposure in Older Homes Means Children “Pay With Their Lives”

U.S. health authorities estimate that about 535,000 children are still at risk of developmental problems due to elevated levels of lead in their blood. In an interview, public health historians Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner discuss the history and scope of the lead problem.


After Sandy Hook Massacre, People ‘Simply Cannot Walk Away’

Dr. Garen Wintemute is a pioneer in the study of gun violence as a public health issue. In a Q&A with FairWarning's Lilly Fowler, Wintemute called for Congress to require background checks for all private sales of firearms, whether at gun shows or between individuals.

Consumer Protection

Judicial Secrecy Turns Consumer Protection Case Into a Mystery

When the Consumer Product Safety Commission launched SaferProducts.gov, a database allowing consumers to report and learn about hazardous products, it was inevitable that some business would go to court to keep a customer’s complaint private. But the first legal challenge is shrouded in mystery.

Public Health

Some Peace Corps Volunteers Face Injury Overseas, Indifference at Home

Peace Corps volunteers who serve in impoverished, dangerous countries all too often endure sexual assaults, psychological trauma and physical injuries, as well as exotic diseases. Yet former volunteers-turned-activists say the government workers’ compensation program that is supposed to provide medical care and disability payments for the injured is rife with troubles.

Consumer Protection

Unthinkable But Real: Tipping Furniture, TVs Sometimes Deadly to Children

When it comes to dangers that threaten children, one of the most unimaginable is a piece of furniture toppling and injuring, or even killing, a youngster. Yet tens of thousands of children in recent years have wound up in emergency rooms and scores have died from such accidents, according to data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.