Writer: Emily Dwass

Consumer Protection

Bug Alerts, However Subtle, Creeping Into Food and Cosmetics Labels

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to consume fewer bugs, you’re about to get some help. Starting Wednesday, food and cosmetics companies will be required to inform consumers if beetle juice is a product ingredient. The Food and Drug Administration issued the new labeling rule in response to [...]


An Adverse Reaction to Food Labels

When it comes to ingredients in food, what you don't know could hurt you. That's especially true for an estimated 12 million Americans with food allergies. Although ingredient labels must list the eight most common allergens, if you've got a rare food allergy you're on your own. Contributor Emily Dwass deciphers food labels in this commentary for FairWarning.


Canning BPA

There’s an incredible selection of canned foods on the shelves of American grocery stores. They come decked with colorful wrappers and fun names. Lately, they boast health benefits like less salt and no trans fats. But there’s one serious omission on the label — the list of ingredients does not include bisphenol A, or BPA. Virtually all canned foods in the United States have a protective lining made with epoxy resin containing BPA. Studies show BPA can leach from the container into the food and may be harmful for our health, sparking new efforts in Congress to ban the chemical in food containers.