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Feds Extract Penalties in Crashes That Killed Five Migrant Farm Workers

For the second time in recent months, the U.S. Department of Labor has extracted penalties from a California farm business blamed for the deadly crash of a vehicle transporting migrant field workers to their jobs.


With Death of Port Worker, Checkered Safety Record of Cargo Handler Comes into Focus

For the third time in six years, a branch of one of the world’s largest cargo-handling companies has been accused by workplace safety authorities of a willful violation linked to a worker’s death.


Study Links Declining Union Strength to More Workplace Deaths

(Photo by Charles Evans Jr.) It’s no secret that the waning power of American unions has contributed to stagnant wages. But a new study suggests that this trend hasn’t affected just worker income. It also may have cost thousands of lives. The portion of the U.S. work force [...]

Warning Wire

Mystery Solved? Ozone-Destroying Gas Wafting from Plants in China

Outlawed emissions:  A mysterious increase in emissions of a banned industrial gas that destroys the atmosphere's protective ozone layer has been traced to a province in China where manufacturers have kept using it to make foam insulation. According to The New York Times, the spike in emissions of CFC-11 is [...]


A Lawyer’s Weapon Against Farm Worker Complaints: Deportation

As an attorney representing California Central Valley farmers and labor contractors who rely heavily on undocumented workers, Anthony Raimondo has become widely known for performing a sort of magic trick. He can sometimes make legal complaints against his clients – and the people who file them – disappear. In at [...]

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Air Check

Leaf blowers can make an infernal racket, and environmental officials say that exhaust from blowers and other gas-powered lawn and garden equipment is a surprisingly big source of air pollution. But are landscaping workers who use the equipment day in and day out exposed to potentially harmful emissions? A 2006 [...]


U.S. Senators Ask: What’s Up at OSHA?

(Photo by Charles Evans Jr.) In the four months since President Trump took office, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued four news releases announcing penalties for job safety violations. By the end of May last year, it had issued 199. The recent reticence has spurred [...]


Cone of Silence on Enforcement News from U.S. Labor Department

In November, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced fines against businesses with workers who were killed when they were pulled into a wood chipper, burned in a refinery fire and crushed in collapsing grain bins and construction trenches. In all, OSHA issued 33 enforcement news releases that month, [...]


A Grim Pattern: Presidential Voting and Workplace Deaths

(iStock photo) More than 4,800 American workers are killed on the job each year. But in states that were carried by Donald Trump, the chances of dying at work are higher than in states that Hillary Clinton won. With a single exception, the states that voted Republican had [...]


When a Workplace Tragedy is Also a Crime

Construction workers in New York City working 11 stories above ground, but without required fall protection. (Photo by Charles Evans Jr.) When we hear about shootings, bank robberies, or home invasions, we expect the perpetrators to be arrested, tried, and punished appropriately if they are found guilty. When [...]