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Novel Approach to Resolving Tsunami of Opioid Lawsuits

Lawyers presented a federal judge in Ohio with a proposal that would allow every town, city or county in the country to receive a payment from the companies that have made and sold prescription opioids. Local governments opting in to the settlement would get money to help address the public health crisis stemming from opioid abuse.

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High Stakes as Trump Administration Rebuffs Automakers’ Appeal in Showdown on Fuel Economy Standards

The Trump Administration is sticking to its plan to weaken vehicle emission standards, despite appeals from the auto industry that the rollback goes too far.

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Business Leaders Join in Lobbying Congress for Climate Action. Anyone Listening?

Some said they know getting a climate bill signed into law by President Trump is nearly impossible, but they hoped to persuade lawmakers who could outlast him of the urgency of the matter.


Worker Advocates Burned Up Over Lack of Federal Heat Protections

Over the years, hundreds of workers have died from heat stress in fields and at construction sites. Citing the warming climate, groups have renewed calls for a federal heat standard

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Amid Minimum Wage Hikes in Many States, Labor Secretary Says Federal Rate ($7.25/hr) Should Stay Where It Is

A decade has passed since the federal minimum wage increased even a cent. Millions of minimum wage workers earn more than the $7.25 per hour set by Congress because 29 states, plus Washington, D.C., have set higher rates. But Labor Secretary Acosta told lawmakers he opposes a federal hike.

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Flickers of Hope, Much Despair as Drums Beat Louder on Climate

The chorus is growing louder, but is it being heard? More smart people, in books and television shows, are arguing for the urgency of dealing with climate change, presenting heaps of despair at the damage being done to our planet along with hints of hope.

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Taking a Long Look at the Risks of Fracking

Review of numerous studies shows there is strong evidence–despite an industry narrative to the contrary–that fracking exposure is associated with an increased risk of certain health problems, including preterm birth and high-risk pregnancy, asthma flare-ups

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Dangerous Drug-Resistant Infections on the March

Drug-resistant infections are spreading across the globe and perhaps in a hospital near you. But it may be a secret.