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Efforts to Claw Back Stolen Wages Painfully Slow, as California Employers Who Cheat Workers Often Get Away With It

Despite aggressive enforcement of wage laws by the California Labor Commissioner's office, some workers wait years for back pay, if they get any at all.


Law Puts Big Retailers on the Hook for Pay Owed to Truckers

For years, truck drivers hauling billions in consumer goods have complained about rampant wage law violations by the trucking firms that hire them. But even when truckers’ claims have been upheld by state authorities, they have often found it nearly impossible to collect.

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Pay Gap Between CEOs and Employees Growing W-i-d-er

CEOs living large – really, really large: The New York Times has published an accounting of the highest paid CEOs at American companies in 2017 and how their compensation compares to median pay for their workers. It's painful to read. A Walmart employee would have to work more than 1,000 years [...]


Investigation of Pay Practices Targets Two More Major League Teams, the Orioles and A’s

A federal investigation of pay practices in Major League Baseball has been expanded to include two more teams—the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland A’s—bringing to four the number of clubs that have come under scrutiny for possible violations of U.S. wage standards.