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EPA Promotes Asbestos Rules Changes Despite Objections From Its Own Scientists and Lawyers

Internal emails reveal concerns raised by agency experts about the Trump administration's ideas for regulating the carcinogen.

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Trump Administration Sours on Breastfeeding

Coming to blows over "breast is best": In one of the more bizarre international incidents involving the Trump administration, U.S. officials strong-armed would-be sponsors of a World Health Assembly resolution that called for supporting breastfeeding and limiting misleading marketing of substitutes, Andrew Jacobs of The New York Times writes. The [...]

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The NRA’s Dinner Dates with Prominent Russians

Vodka toasts for gun rights group: Several prominent Russians, including people said to be in Putin's inner circle or powerful within the Russian Orthodox Church, met with officials of the National Rifle Association in Moscow and elsewhere during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a McClatchy report.

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For Big Pharma, Nothing to Fear

Drugmakers, investors buoyed by Trump speech: Even as President Trump, during a much anticipated speech, promised to "derail the gravy train" in health care, Big Pharma stock prices were rising. Carolyn Y. Johnson of The Washington Post writes that Trump's 44-page blueprint, dubbed "American Patients First," was long on policy ideas [...]


Recycling Firm Accused of Wage Violations, Threats Against Workers Agrees to Settlement

A Los Angeles recycling business accused of violating federal minimum wage and overtime rules, and pressuring workers to lie to government investigators, has agreed to pay more than $74,000 in back wages and damages to 13 employees in a settlement with the U.S. Department of Labor.