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Flickers of Hope, Much Despair as Drums Beat Louder on Climate

The chorus is growing louder, but is it being heard? More smart people, in books and television shows, are arguing for the urgency of dealing with climate change, presenting heaps of despair at the damage being done to our planet along with hints of hope.

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Taking a Long Look at the Risks of Fracking

Review of numerous studies shows there is strong evidence–despite an industry narrative to the contrary–that fracking exposure is associated with an increased risk of certain health problems, including preterm birth and high-risk pregnancy, asthma flare-ups

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The Plastics Within Us

A rising tide of garbage on land and in the seas, and the related health hazards, help make a case for a global ban on single-use plastics.

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Courtroom Battles Loom Over Climate Change

The Ocean State v. Big Oil: Rhode Island, which has  more than 400 miles of coastline, has become the first state in the country to sue oil companies for the cost of protecting itself from rising seas. More than a dozen cities and counties in four other states have filed similar [...]


For a More Nuanced Discussion of Vaccine Safety

Federal health officials have worked overtime to assure the public that vaccines are safe, and barely acknowledge any exceptions. Federal health officials have worked overtime to assure the public that vaccines are safe, and barely acknowledge any exceptions. But there are exceptions, as our family knows well.

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Global Treaty to Curb Mercury–Except When It Comes to Children’s Vaccines

Mercury is considered such a dire health threat that delegates from more than 140 nations have drafted a global treaty to minimize mercury emissions. But there's one form of mercury the treaty won't touch.

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China’s Plans for Vaccine Exports Raise Hopes and Fears

Chinese vaccine makers are gearing up to boost their exports over the next few years. The move is raising hopes that lower-cost immunizations will become available for the world's poor -- as well as fears that vaccine quality standards will be threatened. As USA Today reports, China captured world attention [...]

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Government Pushes Smallpox Drug Deal Despite Doubts About Need

Smallpox was eradicated worldwide by 1978. If a rogue regime ever acquired the virus and tried using it in a bioterrorism attack, Americans would be protected by the nation's $1 billion stockpile of smallpox vaccine. Even so, according to an investigative report in the Los Angeles Times, the Obama administration [...]

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U.S. Advisory Panel Urges Controversial HPV Vaccine for Boys, Young Men

An influential U.S. advisory panel is urging that boys and young men be vaccinated against HPV, a controversial recommendation that would  expand the use of an immunization intended to prevent cancers related to sexual activity. The recommendation by the panel  follows five years of efforts by health authorities to encourage [...]