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A Slow Burn Over Burn Pits

'Our generation’s Agent Orange': When New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer started covering the veterans affairs beat late last year, this was one of the first questions that popped up for her: "How was it that I had never heard of burn pits?" I had the same question last year [...]

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The Plastics Within Us

A rising tide of garbage on land and in the seas, and the related health hazards, help make a case for a global ban on single-use plastics.

Consumer Protection

With Smack-Talking Invective, Lawyer Groups Appeal to Public as One Big Jury Pool

Business groups that howl about bogus lawsuits and plaintiff lawyers who claim to fight for ordinary folks victimized by corporations engage in a war of words.

Consumer Protection

Feds Find Memory Boosters Were Falsely Labeled But Refuse to Say Which Ones

Consumer advocates fault U.S. investigators for withholding information on two widely sold products determined to be lacking a promised ingredient.

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President Trump’s Rx for Deadly Wildfires: Better ‘Raking and Cleaning’

Administration officials blame mismanagement of forests and "radical environmentalists" for massive California blazes.

Consumer Protection

A Lawyer’s Battle to Puncture Secrecy and Legal Misconduct by Goodyear

Attorney David Kurtz's suit for 4 crash victims morphed into a legal fight calling into question the integrity of America’s No. 1 tire maker.

Transportation Safety

Federal Regulators Deflated the Numbers on Tire-Related Crash Deaths, Then Took Victory Lap

Without explanation, officials eventually altered crash data, revealing a death toll more than 3 times higher than previously acknowledged.

Public Health

Mistrial Declared in High-Stakes Johnson & Johnson Talc-Cancer Case

A mistrial was declared today after a California state court jury deadlocked on whether Johnson & Johnson was responsible for the asbestos-related cancer of a woman who blamed her illness on longtime use of contaminated baby powder.

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Audit Finds NHTSA Sluggish in Handling Vehicle Recalls

For the fourth time since 2011, a government audit has found that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is failing in key oversight roles meant to reduce injuries and deaths on the nation's roads. The new audit criticized the agency's handling of the massive recall of faulty Takata air bag inflators.

Consumer Protection

Johnson & Johnson Hit With $4.69 Billion Loss in Baby Powder-Ovarian Cancer Case

The legal assault on Johnson & Johnson and its signature baby powder reached new heights today, when a state court found the company responsible for the ovarian cancers of 22 women, and ordered the drug and consumer products giant to pay $4.69 billion in compensatory and punitive damages to the cancer victims or their survivors.

Consumer Protection

Wireless Industry Using First Amendment as a Cudgel in Its Battle Against Safety Warnings

The wireless industry has waged a high-powered legal battle to take down signs warning of radiation exposure due to cell phone use. In court filings, a major trade group has called the advisory “inflammatory” and has argued that signs violate cellphone store owners’ First Amendment rights.

Public Health

J&J Absorbs Another Big Loss in Baby Powder-Mesothelioma Case

For the second time in less than two months, Johnson & Johnson has suffered a big courtroom loss in a case that blamed a rare asbestos-related cancer on long-term use of contaminated baby powder.

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Nearly 5 Million U.S. Children Live With Guns Unlocked and Loaded

About 4.6 million children in the United States live in homes where guns are kept unlocked and loaded, as more people come to believe – despite scientific evidence to the contrary – that a home with a gun is a safer home, according to a new analysis ...

Consumer Protection

Jury Tacks on $80 Million in Punitive Damages; Total Award $117 MM Against Johnson & Johnson and Imerys

A New Jersey jury today ordered Johnson & Johnson and its main talc supplier to pay $80 million in punitive damages to a mesothelioma victim who claimed he contracted the asbestos-related cancer from years of using Johnson’s baby powder.

Consumer Protection

Top Off-Road Vehicle Maker Polaris to Pay Record $27.25 Million Penalty Over Fire Risks

Polaris Industries has agreed to pay a record penalty to settle charges that it failed to immediately notify federal officials about a fire hazard on its ROVs that regulators have linked to at least one death and more than 180 fires.