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Job-Related Falls Should Be Easy to Prevent, But Workers Are Still Dying in Record Numbers

887 workers were killed in falls in 2017, the highest number reported by the government in nearly 30 years. Preventing workers from falling off roofs, scaffolds, ladders and other elevated surfaces should be simple. Public information about fall hazards is widely available, and so is equipment and training. Safety regulations are effective when followed. Yet the deaths continue to mount.

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Feds Pressure E-cigarette Makers, Blasting ‘Epidemic of Addiction’ Among Teens

Authorities told JUUL and four other makers of e-cigarettes that they have 60 days to submit a plan addressing the problem, while also sending more than 1,300 warning letters to retailers that it said illegally sold e-cigarette products to teens.

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Money, Sex and Fentanyl

It's hard to know where to begin with this story about how Insys executives -- several under federal indictment -- allegedly lured doctors willing to risk their patients' lives for a trip to a strip club. The allegations are in whistleblower complaints filed by former sales reps and two people who worked for a company that processed insurance claims.


Labor Activist Who Chose to Work Within the System Is Outsider Once More, and Again Crusading for Job Safety

After decades of speaking out against workplace hazards in this country and abroad, Garrett Brown didn’t quietly fade away when he retired from his high-ranking state regulatory job in California. He came back to hound his former employer.