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Consumer Group’s Report Disputes Notion of Runaway Jury Awards

Are personal injury lawsuits, as many business groups contend, often frivolous and damaging to the nation's economy? And are juries apt to side with plaintiffs and give them huge, unwarranted punitive damage awards? Quite the contrary, says a report by the Center for Justice & Democracy, a New York-based non-profit consumer [...]

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Health Care Firm to Pay $150 Million for Defrauding U.S., State Agencies

Maxim Healthcare Services has agreed to pay $150 million to settle criminal and civil charges that it fraudulently overbilled federal and state health-care benefits programs. The Columbia, Md.,-based company also entered into a criminal deferred prosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney's office in Newark, which conditionally allows it to avoid [...]

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Nurses Report Accidental Exposures to Cancer Drugs

Nurses who treat cancer patients with chemotherapy are at risk for dangerous accidental exposure to the drugs, according to a new study. As MyHealthNewsDaily reports, the University of Michigan researchers who conducted the study largely blamed the problem on under-staffing and limited resources at outpatient centers, where chemotherapy most often [...]

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Complaints Surge About Crumbling Artificial Hips

As researchers scramble to assess the health dangers of flawed artificial hips, the federal government has received a flood of new complaints about the devices. An analysis by The New York Times reveals that the Food and Drug Administration has been deluged with more than 5,000 reports since January about several types of so-called metal-on-metal [...]

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More Children Hospitalized With Antibiotic-Resistant Skin Infections

Serious skin infections that resist antibiotics are hospitalizing more and more children. A new federal report found that 71,900 children spent time in the hospital in 2009 for serious skin infections. That reflected a rate of 9.4 cases for every 10,000 children, up sharply from a rate of 4.5 cases [...]

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Chinese Hospitals Often Reject AIDS Patients, Study Finds

Hospitals in China may be routinely refusing to treat AIDS and HIV patients because of fear and ignorance about the disease. Reuters, citing a study by the United Nations International Labor Organization, said these patients commonly are shunned by health care workers even for ailments unrelated to AIDS. The conclusions [...]