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Consumer Protection

Johnson & Johnson Dealt $72 Million Courtroom Loss in Talc-Ovarian Cancer Case

Johnson & Johnson has suffered a major courtroom defeat in the first in a wave of lawsuits claiming that talc products marketed by the company for feminine hygiene use caused ovarian cancer.

Public Health

Jailhouse Medicine

The outsourcing of medical care in jails and prisons reflects a nationwide push for privatizing government duties. The private sector, outsourcing advocates say, offers better services at a lower cost. But while other government services have outspoken constituencies, jails and prisons do not. Inmates usually have little clout to demand change if they believe they are receiving poor health care.

Warning Wire

Promoter of Lap-Band Weight-Loss Surgery Warned Over Misleading Ads

Federal authorities have warned a Southern California marketing company promoting Lap-Band weight-loss surgery that it is illegally engaging in false advertising that downplays the serious risks of the procedure. The Food and Drug Administration told the firm, 1-800-GET-THIN, that its billboards and print advertising "fail to provide required risk information, [...]

Warning Wire

Medtronic to Pay $23.5 Million to Settle Charges of Kickbacks to Doctors

The world's No. 1 maker of medical devices, Medtronic, has agreed to pay $23.5 million to settle federal allegations that it provided kickbacks to doctors who implanted its pacemakers and defibrillators. As Reuters reports, the U.S. Department of Justice accused the Minnesota-based company of making illicit payments to physicians of [...]

Warning Wire

Flawed Test Used to Evaluate Soldiers’ Brain Injuries

Tens of thousands of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer concussions and other difficult-to-detect traumatic brain injuries, often the result of bombings by insurgents. To identify troops needing care for these injuries, Congress in 2007 passed a measure requiring the military to test soldiers' brain function before they deploy [...]

Warning Wire

Medical Execs Get Prison Terms for Promoting Product Linked to 3 Deaths

Three executives of a medical device company, Synthes Inc., have received prison terms in connection with the business' promotion of a bone cement for unauthorized uses. The company's product was linked to the deaths of three spinal surgery patients in 2003 and 2004, although the Department of Justice never proved [...]

Warning Wire

Secrecy Order on Doctor Discipline Blasted by Critics

Bowing to widespread complaints, the federal government has restored a website providing records of malpractice payments and disciplinary action against doctors. But journalists and patient advocates protest that authorities are continuing to restrict information to which the public is entitled. As The Kansas City Star reports, the federal Health Resources [...]

Warning Wire

Hacker Concerns Spur Medtronic to Probe Cybersecurity of Insulin Pumps

Could a technologically sophisticated hacker threaten patients' lives by secretly attacking their medical devices? Reuters reports that concerns about such a possibility have prompted the giant medical technology company, Medtronic, to ask software security experts to investigate the safety of its insulin pumps. Currently, about 200,000 Medtronic insulin pumps are [...]

Warning Wire

Boom in Concussion Testing Fueled by Fear of Head Injuries

Amid increased awareness of the long-term damage that head-knocking sports collisions can inflict, many student-athletes are taking computer-based tests to examine their memory, reaction time and attention skills. The exams are used to help determine whether athletes have suffered concussions, and if they have recovered. The Washington Post reports that [...]

Warning Wire

Patient’s Death Stirs Questions About Financial Conflicts for Spine Surgeons

In April, a 48-year-old Baptist preacher named Gary Steve Moore underwent spinal-fusion surgery at a hospital in Jackson, Miss., to treat a degenerating disk in his lower back. But within hours after the operation, Moore was dead. The tragedy raised the question of whether Moore's neurosurgeon, Dr. Adam Lewis, was [...]