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Boxed In: Dollar Tree, the Giant Discount Chain, Cited for Job Safety Violations at Dozens of Stores

Run-ins with job safety regulators are routine for Dollar Tree, the huge discount retail chain. A FairWarning investigation found that more than 150 company stores have been cited for safety violations since December 2015, despite a settlement with OSHA in which Dollar Tree agreed to pay $825,000 in penalties and clean up its act.


Efforts to Claw Back Stolen Wages Painfully Slow, as California Employers Who Cheat Workers Often Get Away With It

Despite aggressive enforcement of wage laws by the California Labor Commissioner's office, some workers wait years for back pay, if they get any at all.


Job-Related Falls Should Be Easy to Prevent, But Workers Are Still Dying in Record Numbers

887 workers were killed in falls in 2017, the highest number reported by the government in nearly 30 years. Preventing workers from falling off roofs, scaffolds, ladders and other elevated surfaces should be simple. Public information about fall hazards is widely available, and so is equipment and training. Safety regulations are effective when followed. Yet the deaths continue to mount.


Law Puts Big Retailers on the Hook for Pay Owed to Truckers

For years, truck drivers hauling billions in consumer goods have complained about rampant wage law violations by the trucking firms that hire them. But even when truckers’ claims have been upheld by state authorities, they have often found it nearly impossible to collect.


When Workers Are Killed on Small Farms, OSHA’s Hands Are Tied

A fateful decision by Congress more than 40 years ago gives the sites unique immunity from safety oversight, even as hundreds of employees have been killed or seriously injured.


Feds Extract Penalties in Crashes That Killed Five Migrant Farm Workers

For the second time in recent months, the U.S. Department of Labor has extracted penalties from a California farm business blamed for the deadly crash of a vehicle transporting migrant field workers to their jobs.


With Death of Port Worker, Checkered Safety Record of Cargo Handler Comes into Focus

For the third time in six years, a branch of one of the world’s largest cargo-handling companies has been accused by workplace safety authorities of a willful violation linked to a worker’s death.


Study Links Declining Union Strength to More Workplace Deaths

It’s no secret that the waning power of American unions has contributed to stagnant wages. But a new study suggests that this trend hasn’t affected just worker income. It also may have cost thousands of lives.

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EPA on the brink of 'regulatory capture'?: By avoiding input from career employees, promoting the views of industry leaders and proposing aggressive cuts to the agency's budget and staff, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has dramatically changed the agency, researchers with the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative have found. The [...]


Labor Activist Who Chose to Work Within the System Is Outsider Once More, and Again Crusading for Job Safety

After decades of speaking out against workplace hazards in this country and abroad, Garrett Brown didn’t quietly fade away when he retired from his high-ranking state regulatory job in California. He came back to hound his former employer.


Recycling Firm Accused of Wage Violations, Threats Against Workers Agrees to Settlement

A Los Angeles recycling business accused of violating federal minimum wage and overtime rules, and pressuring workers to lie to government investigators, has agreed to pay more than $74,000 in back wages and damages to 13 employees in a settlement with the U.S. Department of Labor.