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As Evidence Mounted on Miners’ Toxic Dust Exposures, Feds Did Nothing

An epidemic of advanced black lung disease spread over Appalachia, killing more and more coal miners, while regulators sat on their hands

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Burying the News, But Not the Reality of Climate Change

The latest National Climate Assessment projects a rise in heat-related deaths and billions of dollars in economic damage by century's end.

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Big Drop Shown in U.S. Deaths Linked to Air Pollution

An analysis finds that premature deaths each year related to ozone and fine particulate matter fell by nearly half over two decades

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Chilling News About a Warming Planet

The world's leading body of climate scientists has issued a report saying that climate change is altering the planet more rapidly than previously thought and that things will have to change rapidly to moderate the effects,

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Lawmaking After a Massacre

In the year after the slaughter that killed 58 people on the Las Vegas strip, state lawmakers have had mixed success in passing new gun control measures.

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Setting a High Bar on Clean Energy

California lawmakers have passed a bill pledging to make 100 percent of the state’s electricity carbon-free by 2045. That could solidify the state's status as a world leader on clean energy and send a message that it is serious about facing the realities of more intense wildfires, drought and sea level rise caused by climate change.


Feds Extract Penalties in Crashes That Killed Five Migrant Farm Workers

For the second time in recent months, the U.S. Department of Labor has extracted penalties from a California farm business blamed for the deadly crash of a vehicle transporting migrant field workers to their jobs.

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EPA Promotes Asbestos Rules Changes Despite Objections From Its Own Scientists and Lawyers

Internal emails reveal concerns raised by agency experts about the Trump administration's ideas for regulating the carcinogen.


Pesticide Use on California Farms at Near-Record Levels

A field in California's Salinas Valley where pesticides were applied. (Pgiam/iStock photo) Farmers in California, the nation’s top agricultural state, are applying near-record levels of pesticides despite the rising popularity of organic produce and concerns about the health of farmworkers and rural schoolchildren. The latest figures, released in [...]


High-Stakes Pesticide Battle Pits Farmer Against Farmer

Darvin Bentlage, farmer in southwest Missouri, showing a healthy soybean plant as well as a plant he says was damaged by dicamba that drifted onto his fields from neighboring land. Dicamba, an herbicide sold by agribusiness giants Monsanto, BASF and DowDupont, doesn’t just kill weeds. Last year, according [...]