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Government Watchdogs Muzzled by Shutdown, Along With Everyone Else

Environmental and financial investigations, along with probes of deadly crashes, stall while federal agencies remain on hiatus

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A Bumpy Road for Driverless Cars

Automakers and tech companies, which have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in driverless autos, face opposition from safety advocates and likely resistance in Congress to legislation to speed introduction of the vehicles.

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Trump Administration Sending Some Clean Water Protections Down the Drain

Sweeping rollback, sought by farmers and developers, would eliminate safeguards for many wetlands and streams

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Burying the News, But Not the Reality of Climate Change

The latest National Climate Assessment projects a rise in heat-related deaths and billions of dollars in economic damage by century's end.

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President Trump’s Rx for Deadly Wildfires: Better ‘Raking and Cleaning’

Administration officials blame mismanagement of forests and "radical environmentalists" for massive California blazes.

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Amid Hellacious Wildfires in California, About What You’d Expect from the White House

President Trump blames deadly blazes on state mismanagement of the forests, drawing outrage from a firefighters labor leader.

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Long-Running Government Study Finds Cellphone Radiation Causes Cancer in Rats

Despite federal assurance that the research doesn't apply to people, critics say the results raise health concerns for children and others.

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With Trump Administration Rollbacks, Drilling Rigs Alter Western Landscapes

Weakened rules on how public lands may be used have spurred a surge in the leasing of parcels for oil and gas drilling

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Big Drop Shown in U.S. Deaths Linked to Air Pollution

An analysis finds that premature deaths each year related to ozone and fine particulate matter fell by nearly half over two decades

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Feds Notch New Record in Wage Cheating Cases

The Labor Department has been busy. Investigators recovered a record amount of illegally underpaid wages during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

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Lawmaking After a Massacre

In the year after the slaughter that killed 58 people on the Las Vegas strip, state lawmakers have had mixed success in passing new gun control measures.

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A Foodborne Parasite on the Rise

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has documented 2,173 cases of the foodborne illness cyclosporiasis from May through August this year. That's a surge in the case count from prior years.

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Trump Administration Granting Wish Lists for Coal, Oil and Gas

A hat-trick for the energy industry: The Trump administration is once again turning energy industry hopes into reality, with a plan to make it easier for oil and gas wells to leak methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases. Coral Davenport of The New York Times reports that the [...]

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Setting a High Bar on Clean Energy

California lawmakers have passed a bill pledging to make 100 percent of the state’s electricity carbon-free by 2045. That could solidify the state's status as a world leader on clean energy and send a message that it is serious about facing the realities of more intense wildfires, drought and sea level rise caused by climate change.

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Social Media Campaigns by Big Tobacco Spur Call for Investigation

There's a new Marlboro Man, and she's an Instagram influencer: Actually, there are many, according to a petition filed by public health advocacy groups asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate tobacco companies' use of social media campaigns to lure young customers. "The tobacco companies are engaging in the same marketing [...]