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Crisis for Boeing, Airlines Flying 737 Max 8 After Second Deadly Crash

With Ethiopian crash, toll at 346 in five months:  At least 27 airlines have grounded their Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft after 157 people were killed when one crashed in Ethiopia Sunday. A growing list of countries--including China, the U.K., Australia, Indonesia and Singapore--have banned the planes from their airspace, [...]

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When It Comes To Air Pollution, Race and Income Matter

Environmental divide : In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency released an assessment of the chemical ethylene oxide, marking it as a cancer-causing agent and dramatically lowering the acceptable threshold for healthy air. What happened after that, as explained by Sharon Lerner in The Intercept, illustrates the racialized nature of environmental regulation [...]

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The Plastics Within Us

A rising tide of garbage on land and in the seas, and the related health hazards, help make a case for a global ban on single-use plastics.

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Coca-Cola Sweet-Talks the CDC

Emails obtained by public health researchers reveal how world’s top maker of sugar-sweetened beverages seeks to bend government policymaking.

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As Evidence Mounted on Miners’ Toxic Dust Exposures, Feds Did Nothing

An epidemic of advanced black lung disease spread over Appalachia, killing more and more coal miners, while regulators sat on their hands

Consumer Protection

Feds Find Memory Boosters Were Falsely Labeled But Refuse to Say Which Ones

Consumer advocates fault U.S. investigators for withholding information on two widely sold products determined to be lacking a promised ingredient.

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Burying the News, But Not the Reality of Climate Change

The latest National Climate Assessment projects a rise in heat-related deaths and billions of dollars in economic damage by century's end.

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President Trump’s Rx for Deadly Wildfires: Better ‘Raking and Cleaning’

Administration officials blame mismanagement of forests and "radical environmentalists" for massive California blazes.

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Amid Hellacious Wildfires in California, About What You’d Expect from the White House

President Trump blames deadly blazes on state mismanagement of the forests, drawing outrage from a firefighters labor leader.

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With Trump Administration Rollbacks, Drilling Rigs Alter Western Landscapes

Weakened rules on how public lands may be used have spurred a surge in the leasing of parcels for oil and gas drilling

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Feds Notch New Record in Wage Cheating Cases

The Labor Department has been busy. Investigators recovered a record amount of illegally underpaid wages during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

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Feds Pressure E-cigarette Makers, Blasting ‘Epidemic of Addiction’ Among Teens

Authorities told JUUL and four other makers of e-cigarettes that they have 60 days to submit a plan addressing the problem, while also sending more than 1,300 warning letters to retailers that it said illegally sold e-cigarette products to teens.

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Social Media Campaigns by Big Tobacco Spur Call for Investigation

There's a new Marlboro Man, and she's an Instagram influencer: Actually, there are many, according to a petition filed by public health advocacy groups asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate tobacco companies' use of social media campaigns to lure young customers. "The tobacco companies are engaging in the same marketing [...]

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EPA Promotes Asbestos Rules Changes Despite Objections From Its Own Scientists and Lawyers

Internal emails reveal concerns raised by agency experts about the Trump administration's ideas for regulating the carcinogen.

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The NRA’s Dinner Dates with Prominent Russians

Vodka toasts for gun rights group: Several prominent Russians, including people said to be in Putin's inner circle or powerful within the Russian Orthodox Church, met with officials of the National Rifle Association in Moscow and elsewhere during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a McClatchy report.