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Consumer Protection

Counterfeits Hit Home: Consumers Are Being Foiled by Fake Water Filters

Despite the efforts of Customs and Border Protection agents, counterfeiters are passing off ineffective refrigerator water filters to many thousands of consumers, who think they are buying the real thing. The fakes may not only be useless, but unsafe. Along with failing to do what they claim, counterfeits can introduce chemicals such as arsenic and octane, a petroleum-derived solvent, into users’ drinking water.

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Amazon a Thriving Market for Banned, Unsafe and Mislabeled Products

Convenience, selection and quick delivery have made Amazon a trusted brand. But a team of Wall Street Journal reporters found thousands of products for sale on Amazon that wouldn’t be permitted on the shelves of big box stores because they had been deemed unsafe or were outright banned by federal regulators.

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Beverage Industry Talks a Good Game on Recycling, But Thwarts a Proven Remedy

The beverage industry trumpets its efforts at sustainability. Coca Cola, for example, has set a goal of making a full half of its packaging from recycled material by 2030. Yet, the industry repeatedly has blocked a key tool in increasing recycling rates: the bottle bill.

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Business Leaders Join in Lobbying Congress for Climate Action. Anyone Listening?

Some said they know getting a climate bill signed into law by President Trump is nearly impossible, but they hoped to persuade lawmakers who could outlast him of the urgency of the matter.

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Tens of Thousands of Uber and Lyft Cars Have Open Safety Recalls

Uber and Lyft have been talking a lot about safety lately, with a focus on making sure customers feel safe with their drivers. But what about the vehicles themselves?

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Foodborne Illnesses Spanning Multiple States Spiked in 2018

Food sick: The U.S. has seen a significant increase in the number of people contracting certain foodborne illnesses, with more multi-state outbreaks in 2018 than at any point in the previous decade, reports Laura Riley of The Washington Post. Better, quicker diagnosis is one factor, but public health experts told [...]

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Taking a Long Look at the Risks of Fracking

Review of numerous studies shows there is strong evidence–despite an industry narrative to the contrary–that fracking exposure is associated with an increased risk of certain health problems, including preterm birth and high-risk pregnancy, asthma flare-ups

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When It Comes To Air Pollution, Race and Income Matter

Environmental divide : In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency released an assessment of the chemical ethylene oxide, marking it as a cancer-causing agent and dramatically lowering the acceptable threshold for healthy air. What happened after that, as explained by Sharon Lerner in The Intercept, illustrates the racialized nature of environmental regulation [...]

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Shooting People, and Getting Away With It

Investigation shows that few shootings lead to arrests, particularly when the victims survive or are black or Latino.

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A Bumpy Road for Driverless Cars

Automakers and tech companies, which have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in driverless autos, face opposition from safety advocates and likely resistance in Congress to legislation to speed introduction of the vehicles.

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As Evidence Mounted on Miners’ Toxic Dust Exposures, Feds Did Nothing

An epidemic of advanced black lung disease spread over Appalachia, killing more and more coal miners, while regulators sat on their hands

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Trump Administration Granting Wish Lists for Coal, Oil and Gas

A hat-trick for the energy industry: The Trump administration is once again turning energy industry hopes into reality, with a plan to make it easier for oil and gas wells to leak methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases. Coral Davenport of The New York Times reports that the [...]

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Audit Finds NHTSA Sluggish in Handling Vehicle Recalls

For the fourth time since 2011, a government audit has found that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is failing in key oversight roles meant to reduce injuries and deaths on the nation's roads. The new audit criticized the agency's handling of the massive recall of faulty Takata air bag inflators.

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While Trump Made Nice With Putin in Helsinki, Alleged Russian Agent Charged in U.S. Court

There's a lot to digest from Helsinki this week. But don't miss this story happening not in Finland but in Washington. Mariia Butina, a 29-year-old Russian gun enthusiast, was arrested Sunday ....