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Spinning Blades, Broken Bodies and Danger by Design

A safety standard created by the lawn mower industry hasn't stopped riding mowers from backing over and seriously injuring small children.

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Foodborne Illnesses Spanning Multiple States Spiked in 2018

Food sick: The U.S. has seen a significant increase in the number of people contracting certain foodborne illnesses, with more multi-state outbreaks in 2018 than at any point in the previous decade, reports Laura Riley of The Washington Post. Better, quicker diagnosis is one factor, but public health experts told [...]

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Taking a Long Look at the Risks of Fracking

Review of numerous studies shows there is strong evidence–despite an industry narrative to the contrary–that fracking exposure is associated with an increased risk of certain health problems, including preterm birth and high-risk pregnancy, asthma flare-ups

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Dangerous Drug-Resistant Infections on the March

Drug-resistant infections are spreading across the globe and perhaps in a hospital near you. But it may be a secret.

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Lawmakers Question Industry Influence at Consumer Product Safety Commission

Members of Congress are demanding information about the CPSC chair's ties with industry, citing FairWarning's report on Bracewell lobbyists.

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ATV Deaths Top 15,000 Threshold in Latest Government Report

Federal officials concede that the death toll is an undercount. Fatalities involving some trail machines are not included.

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Industries Turn to Bracewell Lobbyists to Scuttle Product Safety Rules

Business groups call on well-connected lobbying firm to help thwart unwanted federal standards. They have not been disappointed.

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When It Comes To Air Pollution, Race and Income Matter

Environmental divide : In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency released an assessment of the chemical ethylene oxide, marking it as a cancer-causing agent and dramatically lowering the acceptable threshold for healthy air. What happened after that, as explained by Sharon Lerner in The Intercept, illustrates the racialized nature of environmental regulation [...]

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A Slow Burn Over Burn Pits

'Our generation’s Agent Orange': When New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer started covering the veterans affairs beat late last year, this was one of the first questions that popped up for her: "How was it that I had never heard of burn pits?" I had the same question last year [...]


Bug Bombs Are Duds at Killing Insects Yet May Pose Harm to People, Study Finds

Pesticides released by bug bombs can linger in homes for weeks at a time, which some researchers claim is a potential health risk.

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Some Companies Break Ranks to Halt Risk of Kids Dying from Window Cords

Over the years, more than 300 children in the U.S., most under age two, have died from strangling on window cords. Despite calls from safety experts and parents groups, manufacturers and retailers have continued to sell window blinds and shades with pull cords. But now, a few companies are breaking ranks