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Public Health

Battling Menthol Restrictions, R.J. Reynolds Reaches Out to Sharpton, Other Black Leaders

Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton, in October at an Oakland, Calif., church forum about the impact of banning menthol cigarettes. (Photo by Rachel Loyd/Oakland North) Tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds, the top seller of the menthol cigarettes favored by most black smokers, is seizing on the hot button [...]

Consumer Protection

Racial Politics Flavor Debate Over Banning Menthol Cigarettes

Kool, introduced in the 1930s by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co., was one of the early menthol brands, and until the 1950s the most popular. This 1937 ad was one of many that promoted Kool as soothing to the throat. (Cigarette ads courtesy of the Stanford University collection) [...]

Warning Wire

State Tax Coffers Suffering Withdrawal Due to Cigarette Smuggling

Black market sales of cigarettes are costing states millions in tax revenue, and ruthless criminal gangs are orchestrating the illicit trade, according to a report by NPR. In California alone, an estimated $182 million a year is lost in unpaid excise taxes on cigarettes. The trade is fueled by wide [...]

Archive a Smoking Gun for Tobacco Firm

Why British American released papers showing possible links to contraband sales remains a mystery. GUILDFORD, England — This handsome town south of London is steeped in history. An 11th-century castle built by William the Conqueror overlooks the village center from a lovely hilltop park. The Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better [...]

Tobacco Memos Show Overseas Price Fixing

Tobacco Memos Show Overseas Price Fixing Philip Morris and British-American Tobacco, the world's two biggest tobacco companies, secretly joined forces to fix cigarette prices and divide markets in Argentina, Venezuela and other Latin American countries, according to internal documents that explicitly describe the deals and the involvement of some of [...]