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Consumer Protection

Apple Has Swatted Away Distracted Driving Lawsuits Without Much Trouble So Far

Garrett Wilhelm was chatting with the Facetime app on his Apple iPhone, police say, as he sped along an interstate highway northwest of Dallas on the day before Christmas in 2014. He crashed his SUV into a sedan carrying a young family, killing five-year-old Moriah Modisette and injuring her parents [...]

Warning Wire

Long-Running Government Study Finds Cellphone Radiation Causes Cancer in Rats

Despite federal assurance that the research doesn't apply to people, critics say the results raise health concerns for children and others.

Warning Wire

Chilling News About a Warming Planet

The world's leading body of climate scientists has issued a report saying that climate change is altering the planet more rapidly than previously thought and that things will have to change rapidly to moderate the effects,

Consumer Protection

Wireless Industry Using First Amendment as a Cudgel in Its Battle Against Safety Warnings

Few people know that there are federal safety limits for exposure to the weak radiation emitted by cellphones and other wireless devices. There often is language about this embedded right in our phones, but finding it requires knowing where to look, wading through sometimes five or more steps and then [...]

Transportation Safety

Study Finds Apple’s CarPlay, Google’s Android Less Distracting, But Still Not Safe

Automakers have packed many of their new models with distracting infotainment features that allow drivers not only to play music and get directions, but to talk, text and use social media while tooling down the road. Now new research has found that two popular smartphone-based systems --Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android [...]

Consumer Protection

Federal Trade Commission Warns Six Companies About Product Warranties

Six manufacturers of products including computers, cellphones, video game gear and autos have been told by federal regulators to change the language in their warranties or possibly face charges of “unfair or deceptive acts.” The Federal Trade Commission sent warning letters three weeks ago to the six companies -- Sony, [...]

Public Health

Use of Smartphones and Recreational Marijuana Cited in Rising Pedestrian Deaths

(iStock photo) The increasing use of smartphones and recreational marijuana may be contributing to a surge in the numbers of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes, according to a new analysis. The report by the Governors Highway Safety Association estimates that pedestrian fatalities totaled about 6,000 in 2017, roughly [...]

Consumer Protection

What Happens When a Driver Kills Someone While Fiddling With A Cellphone? Often, Not Much

The victims include a Bible college student in Iowa who was bicycling home from work, a 13-year-old Michigan boy riding in his older sister’s car and a Minnesota school bus driver picking up the morning newspaper in front of his home. All were killed in recent years by distracted drivers [...]

Public Health

California and 5 Other States Get Best Ratings for Highway Safety Laws

Amid a resurgence in U.S. traffic fatalities now taking roughly 100 lives a day, an advocacy group today issued a report card identifying states that do the most, and least, to improve highway safety.

Consumer Protection

Lots of Love for Driverless Cars, Except From One Group–Drivers

The driver of this Tesla, Joshua Brown, 40, was killed in Florida in May 2016 while using the car’s “Autopilot” system. (Photo by Florida Highway Patrol) As tech companies and automakers, cheered on by the federal government, race to test and promote autonomous vehicles, several surveys show that [...]