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Air War: A Relentless Whistleblower Once More Girds for Battle Over Aviation Safety

To his supporters, former air marshal Robert MacLean personifies the best traits of whistleblowers, determined to expose the government's dirty laundry, even at high personal cost. To critics, he's an obsessive and even vindictive ex-federal employee who overstepped his bounds. Now he's battling over the need for secondary barriers to keep would-be intruders from reaching the cockpit.

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Amid Minimum Wage Hikes in Many States, Labor Secretary Says Federal Rate ($7.25/hr) Should Stay Where It Is

A decade has passed since the federal minimum wage increased even a cent. Millions of minimum wage workers earn more than the $7.25 per hour set by Congress because 29 states, plus Washington, D.C., have set higher rates. But Labor Secretary Acosta told lawmakers he opposes a federal hike.

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Dangerous Drug-Resistant Infections on the March

Drug-resistant infections are spreading across the globe and perhaps in a hospital near you. But it may be a secret.

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Potential Conflicts Aplenty at Interior Department, But a Refusal of Recusal

David Bernhardt, acting secretary of the Interior Department, seems headed for confirmation by the Senate. He told the Energy and Natural Resources Committee that, if confirmed, he will stop recusing himself from issues that involve his former clients as soon as this summer

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In the Boeing Air Disasters, a Race to Beat the Competition–and Hubris?

A rush job with fatal effects?: As the investigation into the crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 in Ethiopia this month continues, the picture that seems to be emerging is a one of a faulty sensor, problematic software and hubris. With European aircraft maker Airbus threatening to lure away [...]

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Crisis for Boeing, Airlines Flying 737 Max 8 After Second Deadly Crash

With Ethiopian crash, toll at 346 in five months:  At least 27 airlines have grounded their Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft after 157 people were killed when one crashed in Ethiopia Sunday. A growing list of countries--including China, the U.K., Australia, Indonesia and Singapore--have banned the planes from their airspace, [...]

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A Bumpy Road for Driverless Cars

Automakers and tech companies, which have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in driverless autos, face opposition from safety advocates and likely resistance in Congress to legislation to speed introduction of the vehicles.

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U.S. Life Expectancy Fell in 2017, With Drug Overdoses and Suicides the Main Culprits

After decades of improvement, life expectancy has trended downward for three years, the worst reversal in a century.

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Amid Dramatic Growth of U.S. Drone Fleet, Federal Safety Oversight Lags

As the nation's fleet of small recreational and commercial drones keeps soaring -- the government projects nearly 3 million will be in the skies by 2022 -- safety concerns are rising even as federal enforcement stalls.

Consumer Protection

They’re Everywhere!

Exponent, Inc. isn't a household name, but it is a go-to destination for major industries with liability problems.


Federal Agency That Protects Whistleblowers Accused of Retaliating Against One of its Own

For nearly five years, Darrell Whitman was a federal investigator who probed whistleblowers’ complaints about being fired or otherwise punished for exposing alleged corporate misconduct. Now he is blowing the whistle himself.

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Thousands of Drones Fill the Skies, Raising Fears of Midair Collisions

Owen Ouyang On a Saturday night in early December, while relaxing at his Martinez, Calif., home, Chinese exchange student Owen Ouyang decided to have some fun. He went out to the front yard and launched a sleek new drone he had recently purchased online for about $1,000. The [...]

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Long Commutes for Pilots May Mean Fatigue in the Cockpit, Study Says

Airline pilots who commute hundreds of miles to work might show up too exhausted to perform their jobs safely. That concern is raised by a National Research Council report that found that one in five airline pilots lives at least 750 miles from work. As the Associated Press reports, the study's researchers looked [...]

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Tots on Planes Should Get Off Laps and Into Safety Seats, FAA Advises

Children weighing 40 pounds or less should sit in approved safety seats, rather than on their parents' laps, when flying. That's a key recommendation in a joint statement issued this week by the Federal Aviation Administration and the American Association of Flight Attendants. The FAA will continue, however, to allow children under [...]