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Feds Notch New Record in Wage Cheating Cases

The Labor Department has been busy. Investigators recovered a record amount of illegally underpaid wages during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

Consumer Protection

Safety Agency Nixes Tracking Deaths Involving ROVs

Despite mounting casualties from crashes of recreational off-highway vehicles, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has shot down a proposal to track injuries and deaths involving the popular trail machines.

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Chilling News About a Warming Planet

The world's leading body of climate scientists has issued a report saying that climate change is altering the planet more rapidly than previously thought and that things will have to change rapidly to moderate the effects,

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Feds Pressure E-cigarette Makers, Blasting ‘Epidemic of Addiction’ Among Teens

Authorities told JUUL and four other makers of e-cigarettes that they have 60 days to submit a plan addressing the problem, while also sending more than 1,300 warning letters to retailers that it said illegally sold e-cigarette products to teens.

Consumer Protection

Safety Would Take a Back Seat if Senate Passes Bill on Driverless Cars, Critics Say

Consumer advocates are attacking a bill heading for a vote soon in the U.S. Senate that would clear legal obstacles for the deployment of driverless cars.

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Social Media Campaigns by Big Tobacco Spur Call for Investigation

There's a new Marlboro Man, and she's an Instagram influencer: Actually, there are many, according to a petition filed by public health advocacy groups asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate tobacco companies' use of social media campaigns to lure young customers. "The tobacco companies are engaging in the same marketing [...]

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Up to 1,400 Premature Deaths a Year Predicted Due to Trump Plan for Easing Pollution Controls on Power Plants

Proposal to rewrite pollution rules for coal-fired power plants would increase greenhouse gas emissions and harm public health, according to the EPA's own analysis.


Feds Extract Penalties in Crashes That Killed Five Migrant Farm Workers

For the second time in recent months, the U.S. Department of Labor has extracted penalties from a California farm business blamed for the deadly crash of a vehicle transporting migrant field workers to their jobs.

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Millions Felled by Foodborne Illnesses, With Chicken a Leading Culprit

Food-borne diseases cause about 9.4 million illnesses in the U.S. each year. When it comes to outbreaks of things like salmonella, listeria and E. coli, chicken is the leading culprit, with pork and seeded vegetables close behind.

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Fierce Battle Over 3-D Printable Plastic Guns

President Trump tweeted that selling 3-D printed guns to the public “doesn’t seem to make much sense!” But his administration agreed to a settlement in June allowing online publication of gun blueprints by a company called Defense Distributed.

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Audit Finds NHTSA Sluggish in Handling Vehicle Recalls

For the fourth time since 2011, a government audit has found that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is failing in key oversight roles meant to reduce injuries and deaths on the nation's roads. The new audit criticized the agency's handling of the massive recall of faulty Takata air bag inflators.

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Courtroom Battles Loom Over Climate Change

The Ocean State v. Big Oil: Rhode Island, which has  more than 400 miles of coastline, has become the first state in the country to sue oil companies for the cost of protecting itself from rising seas. More than a dozen cities and counties in four other states have filed similar [...]

Transportation Safety

Study Finds Apple’s CarPlay, Google’s Android Less Distracting, But Still Not Safe

Automakers have packed many of their new models with distracting infotainment features that allow drivers not only to play music and get directions, but to talk, text and use social media while tooling down the road.

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VA Uses an Old Trick at Failing Nursing Homes: Hide the Report Card

Bad grades? What bad grades?:  Nearly half of all Department of Veterans Affairs nursing homes received the agency's lowest possible quality ratings as of December. But until very recently that information was hidden from families looking for a home for their loved ones, an investigation by The Boston Globe and [...]

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Money, Sex and Fentanyl

It's hard to know where to begin with this story about how Insys executives -- several under federal indictment -- allegedly lured doctors willing to risk their patients' lives for a trip to a strip club. The allegations are in whistleblower complaints filed by former sales reps and two people who worked for a company that processed insurance claims.