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In the Boeing Air Disasters, a Race to Beat the Competition–and Hubris?

A rush job with fatal effects?: As the investigation into the crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 in Ethiopia this month continues, the picture that seems to be emerging is a one of a faulty sensor, problematic software and hubris. With European aircraft maker Airbus threatening to lure away [...]

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ATV Deaths Top 15,000 Threshold in Latest Government Report

Federal officials concede that the death toll is an undercount. Fatalities involving some trail machines are not included.

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Industries Turn to Bracewell Lobbyists to Scuttle Product Safety Rules

Business groups call on well-connected lobbying firm to help thwart unwanted federal standards. They have not been disappointed.

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Dubious Record for Highway Safety Agency in Public Information Lawsuits

When sued for withholding records, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fared poorly in court.

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With Long Delays in Safety Overhaul, Utility Giant PG&E Was Playing With Fire

Faulty lines, fires sparked: Pacific Gas & Electric Co. acknowledged that its equipment likely started what became the most destructive fire in California's history, burning nearly 14,000 homes last November and killing 85 people, the Los Angeles Times reports. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection and faces dozens of lawsuits [...]

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Apple Has Swatted Away Distracted Driving Lawsuits Without Much Trouble So Far

Apple grasps the danger of drivers fiddling with their iPhones. But the company hasn't implemented technology to prevent this distraction, and courts have ruled it has no legal duty to do so.

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The Plastics Within Us

A rising tide of garbage on land and in the seas, and the related health hazards, help make a case for a global ban on single-use plastics.

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With Smack-Talking Invective, Lawyer Groups Appeal to Public as One Big Jury Pool

Business groups that howl about bogus lawsuits and plaintiff lawyers who claim to fight for ordinary folks victimized by corporations engage in a war of words.

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A Bumpy Road for Driverless Cars

Automakers and tech companies, which have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in driverless autos, face opposition from safety advocates and likely resistance in Congress to legislation to speed introduction of the vehicles.

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Trump Administration Sending Some Clean Water Protections Down the Drain

Sweeping rollback, sought by farmers and developers, would eliminate safeguards for many wetlands and streams

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A Lawyer’s Battle to Puncture Secrecy and Legal Misconduct by Goodyear

Attorney David Kurtz's suit for 4 crash victims morphed into a legal fight calling into question the integrity of America’s No. 1 tire maker.

Transportation Safety

Federal Regulators Deflated the Numbers on Tire-Related Crash Deaths, Then Took Victory Lap

Without explanation, officials eventually altered crash data, revealing a death toll more than 3 times higher than previously acknowledged.

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For Automakers Seeking Mileage Rollback, Trump Plan Too Much of a Good Thing

Car companies got more regulatory relief than they bargained for after they asked the administration to ease mileage requirements.

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With Trump Administration Rollbacks, Drilling Rigs Alter Western Landscapes

Weakened rules on how public lands may be used have spurred a surge in the leasing of parcels for oil and gas drilling