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They’re Everywhere!

Big Companies in Legal Scrapes Turn to Science-for-Hire Giant Exponent

The Fall of Icarus is the Greek myth about a youth who gets a pair of wax-and-feather wings but soars too close to the sun–melting the wings and casting him into the sea. In the 1990s, a consulting firm called Failure Analysis Associates ran tongue-in-cheek ads aimed at corporate lawyers that retold the myth as…

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The Hard Truth About the Softest Mineral

Tougher Testing Sought to Detect Asbestos in Talc

We use talc in many up close and personal ways: to powder babies’ bottoms, as an ingredient in cosmetics, a filler in capsules and pills–even as a food additive. In a world of ominous, unpronounceable chemicals, could anything be less scary than talc? Yet talc, the softest known mineral, is dug from the ground, where…


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Monsanto, the court and the seeds of dissent

Should Monsanto, or any corporation, have rights to a self-replicating natural product?

On Tuesday, attorneys for the largest agrochemical corporation in the world, Monsanto, will present arguments before the Supreme Court asserting the company’s rights to the generations of seeds that naturally reproduce from its genetically modified strains. Bowman vs. Monsanto Co. will be decided based on the court’s interpretation of a complex web of seed and…

The Food Movement Takes a Beating

AN election that saw great strides for women, gay men and lesbians and even pot smokers left the nascent food movement scratching its collective head. We’re going to see marijuana legalized before we see a simple change in food labeling that’s favored by more than 90 percent of Americans? Or a tax on soda, a…

'Not in My Kitchen' Is Easier Said Than Done

‘Not in My Kitchen’ Is Easier Said Than Done

Our correspondent set out to rid her household of the controversial chemical BPA. She found it was easier said than done.

McDonald’s, Burger King Beat San Francisco’s Ban on Toy Giveaways

How do you discourage kids from getting fast-food meals loaded with salt, sugar and fat? San Francisco thought it had a solution: Prohibit restaurants from including free toys with unhealthy meals. But the ban, which went into effect today, already has been beaten. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, first McDonald’s, and then Burger King,…

Consumers Union Urges Limits on Arsenic, Lead in Juices

The nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine is calling for the Food and Drug Administration to put restrictions on the amount of arsenic and lead allowed in juices. The group, Consumers Union, said in a news release that the current lack of arsenic and lead limits puts children, who tend to drink lots of juice,…

Tainted Foods Often ‘Reconditioned’ and Sold to Consumers

When regulators discover that food companies have produced contaminated products, the tainted items sometimes get a second life — and wind up being sold to consumers. A report by noted, as an example, the detection last year of Salmonella Tennessee bacteria in huge lots of hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or HVP, a flavor enhancer used in…