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Consumer Protection

Potent Rhino Pills Outlast Anything–Even the Arrest of Their Creator

The creator of over-the-counter sex supplements is awaiting sentencing for illegally importing bulk quantities of prescription drugs. But he was just one of many players profiting from the sale of sex pills with hidden drugs.

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Latino Death Rate in L.A. Skyrockets; National Masking Order Issued for Public Transportation

The death rate for Latinos in Los Angeles is almost triple that of white residents. Also: a fraud doctor sentenced, Google pays for discrimination, heatwave deaths spike in Arizona, scientists find sea lion cancer culprit, and more.

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A Single-Dose Vaccine is Coming, Even As U.S. Covid Deaths Are Expected to Reach 500,000 by Feb. 20

A new single-dose coronavirus vaccine will soon be in front of the Food and Drug Administration, and could get emergency authorization in February. The news comes as models show U.S. Covid-19 deaths reaching about 500,000 by Feb. 20.

Consumer Protection

Covid Scams Flourish Despite Efforts of Health and Law Enforcement Agencies

Black Plague tea. Biomagnetism treatment. Ozone therapy. Covid flimflammery is still going strong as frightened consumers seek out and fall prey to sham treatments and cures.

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With Covid Death Toll About to Pass U.S. Fatalities in World War II, Biden Moves to Get Control of the Virus

U.S. deaths from the coronavirus are about to pass the nation's toll from World War II, which claimed 418,500 American lives. Nearly one of every 800 Americans has died in the pandemic. President Biden has issued a series of directives to ramp up federal efforts to control the virus.

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New Estimate That Covid Has Infected 1 in 3 Los Angeles County Residents, With Poor Areas Hardest Hit

Officials in Los Angeles County estimate that the coronavirus has infected one in three residents. That works out to more than 3 million people in the county of 10 million, where Covid-19 has claimed more than 13,000 lives.

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Bumpy Vaccine Drive as the Global Covid Death Toll Nears 2 Million

Disneyland and Dodger Stadium are appointed new vaccination stations in California, while the rollout is stalled in New York and bungled at major hospitals all over. Also: the riot gets infectious, big job losses for women, and SCOTUS weighs climate change.

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U.S. Covid Deaths Top 4,000 For First Time, With Prospect of At Least 40,000 More Fatalities in Next Three Weeks

The CDC projects there could be 405,000 to 438,000 U.S. deaths by the end of the month. If that proves correct, about 40,000 to 73,000 more people will lose their lives to Covid in the next three weeks.

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Slow Vaccine Rollout and Record Hospitalizations as U.S. Bears the Brunt of Holiday Surge

In the U.S., a record 77,572 people died from the coronavirus in December, with a death now occurring about every 33 seconds. The cumulative death toll for the country now exceeds 354,000. About 21 million people—one out of 16 in the U.S.—have tested positive.

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California New Epicenter of Pandemic in U.S. as Intensive Care Capacity in Southern California Falls to Zero

California has recorded more new infections than many entire countries--including Britain, Germany and India--in the last couple of days. Capacity in hospital intensive care units in Southern California dropped to zero percent.

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With U.S. Covid Death Toll Smashing Records, the First Vaccinations Could Come Next Week

On Wednesday, more people in the U.S. died of the coronavirus than were killed in the 9/11 attacks. But hope is on the way, as some health care workers and nursing home residents could be rolling up their sleeves by early next week.


Off-Target Pesticide Service Douses Neighboring Properties, People

Alpine Helicopter Service has been implicated in dozens of complaints of crop loss and personal injury when pesticides it sprayed allegedly landed on the wrong targets. Now, the state of California is suing the company and taking a stand on pesticide misuse.