FairWarning is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) investigative news organization that focuses on public health, consumer, workplace and environmental issues, and related topics of government and business accountability.

Robust journalism is a public good, and essential in a democracy–especially one on the ropes, as ours might be. Yet, across the country we see a hollowing out of traditional newsrooms and a glut of celebrity clickbait and fact-free rants. With environmental, consumer and labor standards–and the press itself–under powerful attack, the need for our tenacious, fact-based reporting is greater than ever.

FairWarning provides this coverage as a non-partisan, non-ideological public service. We distribute our reports as widely as possible through social media and by collaborating with other news outlets. Our deeply reported stories have been co-published by more than 180 media organizations across the U.S.  We’ve reached an audience in the many millions, we’ve had an impact, and we’ve done it with skinny budgets and a small staff.

Based in Southern California, FairWarning was established in 2009, thanks to a generous grant from the Charles Evans Foundation, and began publishing in March 2010. It is a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News.