One comment to “Small Farms Immune to Safety Investigations, Even When a Worker Dies”

  1. William Hunter Duncan

    OSHA involvement would likely reinforce consolidation in farming, driving many more families from farms, reinforcing income and power inequality, likely disempowering farm workers and making life more dangerous for them in the long term, as monopolies in agriculture begin to control and own the regulatory process. OSHA is only protecting big business if big business is the only thing left and most of the people in OSHA used to work for big business.

    Perhaps the problem is not a lack of regulation…perhaps the problem is in our industrial treatment of farming, with so much dependent on expensive and dangerous machinery? Perhaps the problem is so much focus on commodity grains, and so little support for growing whole foods closer to where people actually live?

    We should be empowering truly small farms, expanding opportunities and autonomy for small growers, not making it ever more expensive to farm, driving people out.

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