2 comments to “No Walk in the Park for Americans Struggling with Cabin Fever Amid Coronavirus Crisis”

  1. Michele Roberts

    Excellent article. Living here in the country, I am concerned about those who now never venture out. But, if anyone cannot abide by guidelines maybe they should stay indoors. Thanks again.

    P.S. I do feel for New Yorkers. That is my original home state and my six siblings are still there!

  2. Matthew Mabey

    What the social distancing advocates fail to acknowledge is that in many urban settings, there is not enough open space for people to get fresh air and exercise outside their domicile while also maintaining social distance.
    Manhattan has ~69,500 people per square mile. That is ~400 square feet per person, but that number includes the space taken up by buildings, cars, trees, etc. Social distancing requires over 113 square feet per person. The way we have built our urban centers, there just isn’t a way for everyone to get out of their domicile and maintain social distance. Too much space is taken up by inanimate things and there are too many choke points between where people live and open spaces. In theory, if everything was perfectly scheduled and choreographed, you might get everyone some period of fresh air and exercise each day, but in the real world it just is not possible.
    This actually points out why NYC is the hot-spot of hot-spots for COVID-19 in the US. Urban centers are designed to spread diseases like this novel Coronavirus. It can spread in small towns, because of how social humans naturally behave, but it cannot be stopped from spreading in some urban centers by using social distancing. Not unless people just stay cloistered in their domicile 24 hours a day.
    Fortunately, some in the US are finally realizing that this is why masks for the general population have to be part of the solution. A 3 foot spacing, instead of 6 foot, decreases the area per person to around 29 square feet. It allows people to move in hallways, through entryways, and along sidewalks while still minimizing the ability of a virus to jump from one host to another.

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