6 comments to “A Major Player in Solar Energy Leaves Some Customers Seething”

  1. Kent

    I have similar problems with Vivint solar company. I just bought a home already equipped with this company panel. My Realstate agent told me .it will lower your bill each month. NO. My bill is three time higher than my neighbor…I hope attorney general of California. We need your help. This company is lies. Fraud.

  2. Timothy Nordeen

    I live in San Diego and have the exact same problem. Would you know how to get in touch with Brenda Ortiz? I’m interested in filing a law suit and would love to see how many people I could get to go with me.

  3. Jamie Duran

    Thank you Eli for this excellent article on the worst player in the solar market. I own a solar company in Northern California and we appreciate companies like Vivint that make it very easy for us to sell solar. All we do is not screw them.

    The good news is there are dozens of highly rated companies in the solar business, and it is sad that it is such a buyer beware market. Companies like Vivint hurt the entire solar industry and force the government to intervene.

    I was just notified by the Costco buyer that they are partnering with Vivint in So Cal and I sent this article to the buyer. Thank you again and keep up the great work!

  4. Rosie Joseph

    Has the attorney general in Riverside County been involved with taking any actions against Vivint?

  5. david kettell

    if they think that is bad customer service,try at&t or hughesnet. all based in india and cannot speak english properly.

  6. Ancient Wrench

    It seems that solar panels have become the timeshares of the 21st century; an alluring concept combined with deceptive high-pressure sales. Perhaps the “get out of solar” business will become as popular as the “get out of your timeshare” business.
    At some point, shouldn’t the government RICO these guys? After all, their business model seems to depend on deceptive and corrupt practices.

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