2 comments to “Toll Continues to Mount for Pedestrians and Bicyclists, the Victims in One in Five Traffic Deaths”

  1. Leon Robertson

    Research indicates that “the increase in deaths during 2015–2016 was mainly related to warming temperatures, lower gasoline prices and increased use of trucks as a percent of registered vehicles.” As temperatures warm, more people deive, walk and bicycle on roads. See: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214140518300021.

  2. Trevor W. Frith

    Even a machine learned driverless car that has no heart would not blame the victim for the crash even if they were jay walking, wearing dark clothing, homeless, under the influence, walking too slowly in a cross walk, cycling, etc, etc. No it would instead try to ‘learn’ how to find a safer and more efficient way to brake such as the Left Foot Braking Method and bar the teaching of the ‘Killer’ right foot braking method. It is unfortunate that neither NHTSA nor GHSA seem to want to peruse that course of action. Tradition and Testosterone can be a terrible thing. Note: Simply using your left foot to brake is not, repeat not the Left Foot Braking Method.

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