8 comments to “Fields of Waste: Artificial Turf, Touted as Recycling Fix for Millions of Scrap Tires, Becomes Mounting Disposal Mess”

  1. aditi

    May I add another extremely dangerous practice that has just began flourishing? The world wide spiraling manufacturing and use of plastic PPE, masks , protective gloves etc. being dumped in land fills, swathes of plastic sheets and shrouds covering dead bodies of Corona patients are being buried in mass graves. All these for a mutating Corona virus. Can anyone estimate the volume of this plastic waste being created now ? Is any research being carried out on substitute for plastic? For Christ’s sake, let us not seek veiled questionable “alternatives” anymore after the mutating Corona viral epidemic we are told to live with.

  2. Matt

    They need to come up with a new recipe for tyres. Fix the problem at the start, not at the end.

  3. Steve Regis

    This illustrates the need to look at the entire life cycle of products, especially end-of-life.

  4. Jeff M. Weeks

    both NEW & OLD Tire ( Tyre ) Dilemmas :
    1. airborne & waterborne microplastics rubbing off new tyres, washing over roads & down drains, out to sea ;
    2. old tires :
    Repurposed for Dog Kennels, Paintball & CAR MATS ! or marine or terrestial weather proofing ?
    Recycled as Mechanical Concrete etc if crushed glass can substitute Building CONCRETE sand so can crumb rubber ?
    Remember : Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Refill, Recycle, Recover ;
    not just old tires
    Organics, Plastics, Paper, Metals, Glass, Texiles !
    Cheers Jeff M. Weeks CPA SA Fin Researcher Analyst DEDICATED phone eMail email hidden; JavaScript is required

  5. Kurt minges

    Look up the word “Mechanical Concrete” that’s a new alternative plan to do with tires..

  6. Steve Smith

    Cal Recycle, a department of the California EPA states on their website, “Used tire stockpiles pose a potential threat to public health, safety, and the environment”. And yet when these same tires are ground into granules and put into sports fields, they are suddenly a “product”. Artificial turf sports fields with crumb rubber are in reality nothing other than a detour for tires on the way to a landfill, incineration or illegal dumping. Unfortunately this issue is another example of corporate interests and profits trumping environmental stewardship and human health. And then there is the issue of non-recyclable turf…..

  7. Susan Monroe

    Brain-dead politicians and greedy corporations, continually providing short-term “fixes” for long-term problems. Both are completely incapable of thinking beyond next week. PATHETIC!

  8. Danielle Scardino

    Excellent article that answers a lot of questions. No one thinks long term—they are green washed and think they are saving the planet by carpeting the planet in plastic. Sad story!

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