4 comments to “Boxed In: Dollar Tree, the Giant Discount Chain, Cited for Job Safety Violations at Dozens of Stores”

  1. Jo Ann Bryant

    When is dollar tree going to give their employees gloves & masks we work with the public & money is the dirtiest thing we can be touching…….

  2. Pam B

    I was an assistant manager at a store in Massachusetts. I would take pictures of dangerous stacking of boxes in the back room. When I would come in to start my shift. Blocking fire lane exits. I’d send the pictures to the manager telling her I came in to this “mess”. Nothing was done and no reprimand given to the night shift for leaving it that way. Not enough workers. Same thing happened all the time. The company doesn’t care! They just sent more and more merchandise that untrained “newbies” would stack dangerously unbalanced! Not enough workers and the few hired positions they weren’t correctly trained!! The company was terrible how they treated me. If you ever heard my story about the work staff using me as a scape goat and lied about me. I found out later that the management of that particular Dollar Tree I worked at they all were dealing illegal drugs out of the back of the store at night. That’s why they set me up to get me fired. They knew I could tell when the managers would come in or go on break and knew they were high and then I’d see them crash! In front t of customers may I add!! The store was a total mess, physically and with mental pressure from management. They knew I was questioning about management. So, they set me up and got me fired! They were stealing money each night for drugs! I found this out and that those managers were fired and including the district manager! I called the Dollar Tree corporate office asking them for an apology since I was lied about and fired being used as the guilty manager’s way of not getting caught when THEY were the ones stealing money from the safe for selling and buying their drugs!! I know I will NEVER get an apology from the company even though I was proven innocent! They had no evidence anyway! The assistant managers, manager and district manager all set up the lies amongst themselves setting me up and lying. The company should be held accountable and be fined big time!! The emotional stress they caused me was extremely emotional/hurtful and disrespectful to me personally. And it tainted my Christian character big time!!

  3. Overwhelmed

    Been a store manger there for years. Every year we get more freight pushed to us. Store management is blamed by the company if OSHA standards are not in compliance. The company has never listened to us when we complain that we have too much fright. They just tell us to force it out. I don’t believe.they will ever change unless they are made to take responsibility instead of blaming the employees at store level. I have items that have a estimated day supply of 500 days…I mean come on!

  4. Jeanne Weigum

    Thanks. good article.

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