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Myron Levin is editor of FairWarning.

One comment to “What’s in a Name? Ghostly Spirits, Spinning Science to Sell Drugs, Stalk the Medical Literature”

  1. Sarah Smith

    It would behoove readers to remember that this corruption is not theoretical. Iatrogenic harm ruins lives, maims, and kills hundreds of thousands annually. This is especially true in psychiatry, the only branch of medicine allowed to treat patients without a functioning theory of the brain/mind and ‘mental illness’ Psychiatric drugs are blunt instruments that either sedate, disable brain functions, or stimulate. As a neuroscientist said psych drugs are like pouring oil all over your engine hopi g some will get in the right spot. My daughter was made much worse by being forcibly drugged on a plethora of harmful drugs–each new one being prescribed to deal with side effects of the previous one The art of deprescribing patients who are clearly sick from polypharmacy is non existent in this corrupt environment in which docs have sold their souls for their IRA’s and that vacation home. A WHO study confirmed that people living in underdeveloped countries recover from psychosis at a higher rate than people living in developed countries. The opiate crisis is the tip of the I eburg–next is the benzo crisis-the SSRI crisis-and finally the neuroleptic crisis

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