7 comments to “Air War: A Relentless Whistleblower Once More Girds for Battle Over Aviation Safety”

  1. Robert J. MacLean


    “Paula”: I’m curious as to when I ever lost? I beat the first termination, and I’ve yet to file an appeal for my second one. The deadline for filing an appeal is next month.

  2. john

    For an industry(airlines)that considers a faulty speaker in a restroom as a no-fly condition, this report is astounding.

  3. Kathy Cole

    It’s a rare person who cares enough for the safety of others to put his career on the line. Standing up to corruption and abuse of power takes stamina, ethics and integrity… especially at the peril of your career and financial stability for your family. This is true heroism, this is true patriotism… Its easy to sit and judge, its easy for high level officials to call him names and gather other co workers who fear for their jobs and security to follow suit and stand in line as they are told. Robert has stayed true to his values, his believes he is a REAL Whistleblower.. Whistleblowers like him and myself suffer , we stand tall and we gain strength from each other . It is my pleasure and honor to call him my friend !!

  4. Boggie

    Disgruntled employee. Should be stripped of right to own a fire arm.

  5. Paula

    So tired of the same old news from a 3 time looser.

  6. xanna

    one airmar with gun in hand when door is open! end of problem!

  7. Robert J. MacLean

    Below is a link to our concept for a modular bullet-proof cockpit (flightdeck) secondary barrier:

    http://www. maclean-scotus .info

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