3 comments to “In Echo of a Notorious Safety Scandal, Toyota Has Settled Hundreds of Sudden Acceleration Cases”

  1. Pam andrews

    I was about to back out of parking spot and my 2015 Camry all the sudden made a loud noise. It shot out of the parking space at no telling what speed. Went across one lane and it finally was stopped by a large SUV. This SUV was hit with such force that it was pushed into the SUV in front of it…
    Bystanders could not believe what they witnessed. My car is totaled. My back and neck are really messed up. The only true blessing was knowing no one was behind my car in the parking lot… I’m going on every social media accounts I can to find more stories such as this… Toyota has got to be held responsible..,

  2. Sarah

    I experienced , sudden unexpected acceleration, in my 2016 Toyota Limited RAV4 Hybrid in November of 2019.

    I was in parked facing a brick building in a very small, shallow parking lot. I was parked between two cars. I put my car in reverse and backed straight out of my parking spot as far as I could, which was only about
    1 3/4 car length. I put my foot on the brake, and put my car in drive. The car immediately accelerated on it’s own. I couldn’t stop the car, although I was pushing as hard as I could on the brake. I couldn’t swerve or I would have run into the cars that I had been parked between. I was headed straight for the brick wall, and all I could do was continue to brake and brace for impact. The car slammed into the wall , put a whole through the wall, and that impact damaged/stopped the car.
    It all happened so fast! It was hard to wrap my head around what was happening , but I knew that I did not
    Push the accelerator and drive into that wall. I was unaware of the past troubles with Toyota, so I felt like a crazy person when I was explaining what happened to the building owner and then my insurance adjuster.
    I was so grateful nobody in the building was in the room on the other side of the brick wall. However, all I could think about was the possibility that I could have been somewhere else when it happened. Picking up my grandchildren at school, or headed toward a pedestrian crosswalk.. or so many other possibilities. The whole thing was terrifying. My car was totaled, but Toyota has denied that anything was wrong with the car.
    I feel I have a moral obligation to fight that, because I know I’m not the only one this has happened to. My insurance adjuster had the exact same claim from another person insured by my insurance company 3 days after I filed my claim.
    If something isn’t done about this…more people will be hurt or will be killed. It’s just a matter of time.

  3. Jeannine

    The NDA’s and refusal of Toyota to admit there is still a dangerous defect in some of its cars riding on roads alongside the rest of us is just another example of how corporations can get away with something the rest of us would go to jail for. How do they get away with it? By being in bed with a federal agency (NHTSA) that instead of doing the job of keeping our roads safe for the public just turns a blind eye to the whole situation. How do I know? Unintended acceleration happened to me just 2 months ago in my 2006 Toyota Sienna when I was on freeway going 65 mph. My car accelerated out of control and had absolutely nothing to do with a car mat and everything to do with a mechanical or electronic defect as witnesed by my passenger. Two Toyota service managers have admitted car is unsafe. The lack of NHTSA to get to the bottom of root cause of my SUA to try to prevent further deaths and injuries has been astonishing. The only contact they have made with me is an email stating their large volume of complaints and their lack of resources to be able to respond to every complaint. Hmmm, wonder if they would respond to me if I told them that the Toyota dealer that has my car is intending to auction it off to an unsuspecting party putting them as well as others on road in harms way. Dealer rep that contacted my husband said “oh well, buyer beware”. Way to go Toyota! Makes me sick, to think that poor woman who was driving the Toyota Yaris could go to jail for manslaughter when it is Toyota executives and all the rest who have been privy to the coverup that should be in jail now.

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