4 comments to “Bugs, Mold and Unwashed Hands: Rampant Safety Violations in Nursing Home Kitchens Endanger Residents”

  1. Morton Saltzman

    An excellent and comprehensive report on the food and kitchen practices in the nation’s nursing homes. I can only hope that in California these kitchens and their employees are held to the same rigid standards that the state’s restaurants and cafes are subject to 2-3 times a year.

  2. Sigrid Bathen

    More great reporting by Margie Lundstrom. . .

  3. Loretta Kalb

    Marjie Lundstrom, Pulitzer Prize winner and longtime (now former) Sacramento Bee editor, produces a powerful analysis of nursing home violations for FairWarning.org. She’s shining valuable light, the likes of which we still need as the newspaper industry contracts.

  4. C.H.

    Thank you for the article. I think it is also important to note the political aspects of long term care regulation and enforcement. The enforcement of deficiencies has changed under this administration, changing from a “fee per day” under Obama to a flat fee penalty. The amount of fines are considerably lower. In addition, to other guidance to states that decrease their ability to regulate the industry.

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