7 comments to “There’s Been an Uptick in the Use of the Crackpot Cure, Miracle Mineral Solution”

  1. D. Brasco

    Using this stuff now. Mmm 5 drops to start. Hour later 6 drops. Im no lightweight. Truly a Gift from God in this diseased evil world. Shut up author ur the only crack pot writing with 0 experience. Weak article.

  2. N J K

    Dishonest Article said 1 drop? No, 1 drop in a glass of water! No more than chlorine in your city’s drinking water. Take city water Chlorine straight, and there will be kidney damage too, which is a cheap substitute for chlorine dioxide water purifier. I have saved many of my livestock, bloat, even gangrene after a dog attack. Parvo in 5 dogs, sometimes with just water purified with 2 drops chlorine dioxide. Tell my neighbor, that Sprayed it on his foliculitis to avoid painful scalp scraping that he’s lying, also good to spray on bed sores and shingles! I could sware under oath as I was an eye witness. It made a lot of my neighbors happy campers. In real life, I can’t prove anything, because they don’t get sick on que in a test study, so there’s no way to have a controlled group. It cost me no more than 5 cents to immediately help these very sick and dying dogs, instead of hundreds of dollars in treatments and transfusions. I charge nothing, and I have nothing to gain either way. I know I’m not lying, and that’s all that counts!

  3. stella

    I totally agree with Patricia, a friend s dog had a severe ear infection, he had seen MMS drops used properly cure severe pneumonia, with a 9 months old tooth abscess in a couple of days, so he tried it on the dog, I had suggested he offers a bowl of water with drops and one without the drops and let the dog choose, amazingly he said the dog chose the drops and the ear infection cleared with no consequences. I myself saw a case of severe stomach flue nipped in the bud on the first day within 24 hours. For one chlorine is the most common element, and chlorine dioxide iis what meat packing plants spray on the meat, because after killing pathogens all what s left is common table salt as a metabolite. If I remember well it is even used in some hospitals in some southern countries. No patent aka not patentable ( sodium chlorite is a molecule found in nature, relative of salt, citric acid or vinegar are ante deluvian non patentable and no patent=no buck
    this witch hunt is similar to the iodine phobia, the borax cover up, the L-Tryptophan censureship ( FB won t let me post the link to the CPS entry for it and the B complex IV injectables can only be found now online from China, who is the quack here ??? yeah man enjoy your cheque and bon apetit with the antipsychotics distributed like candies, 3rd most sold pills on the planet….need I say more ?

  4. Jeron Tyler

    I have never ingested MMS simply because it smells like bleach. However, I have gum disease and so I use it as a mouth wash. My dentist doesn’t understand why my front tooth hasnt fallen out due to the amount of bone loss around the tooth. I believe its thanks to me faithfully using this stuff. By the way I only use it once a week, sometimes people over due it perhaps thats why deaths are happening.

  5. M B

    Sodium chloride? MMS is sodium chlorite. It is meant to be used in a particular way and when used properly it is effective and very safe. Of course abuses occur, but it isn’t deadly like pharmaceutical drugs that are abused and are deadly.

  6. Lauri

    My husband is completely brainwashed in this stuff and has been taking it every day for two years now. I have noticed his brain function is diminishing. He talked me into trying it once and I was deathly sick for four days and it has left some permanent damage to my nerve system. I just don’t understand how it hasn’t done more damage to my husband! I just hope someday it can be eliminated from this country.

  7. Patricia

    One death from MMS. Wow, that’s shocking. Have you taken the time to look at iatrogenic deaths? Because that’s really shocking. Pharmaceutical drugs, surgical mistakes, ie physician induced deaths. They’re greater than cancer or heart disease. And we’re only talking about the ones that get reported. In NYC only 2.4% get reported. So what’s the real number?

    Yet, hit pieces like yours are the real quack pots. Hope you’re enjoying your paycheck.

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