4 comments to “There’s Been an Uptick in the Use of the Crackpot Cure, Miracle Mineral Solution”

  1. Jeron Tyler

    I have never ingested MMS simply because it smells like bleach. However, I have gum disease and so I use it as a mouth wash. My dentist doesn’t understand why my front tooth hasnt fallen out due to the amount of bone loss around the tooth. I believe its thanks to me faithfully using this stuff. By the way I only use it once a week, sometimes people over due it perhaps thats why deaths are happening.

  2. M B

    Sodium chloride? MMS is sodium chlorite. It is meant to be used in a particular way and when used properly it is effective and very safe. Of course abuses occur, but it isn’t deadly like pharmaceutical drugs that are abused and are deadly.

  3. Lauri

    My husband is completely brainwashed in this stuff and has been taking it every day for two years now. I have noticed his brain function is diminishing. He talked me into trying it once and I was deathly sick for four days and it has left some permanent damage to my nerve system. I just don’t understand how it hasn’t done more damage to my husband! I just hope someday it can be eliminated from this country.

  4. Patricia

    One death from MMS. Wow, that’s shocking. Have you taken the time to look at iatrogenic deaths? Because that’s really shocking. Pharmaceutical drugs, surgical mistakes, ie physician induced deaths. They’re greater than cancer or heart disease. And we’re only talking about the ones that get reported. In NYC only 2.4% get reported. So what’s the real number?

    Yet, hit pieces like yours are the real quack pots. Hope you’re enjoying your paycheck.

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