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  1. Solace Freedmont

    It stopped my symptoms of Crohns in a matter of 2 days.
    When my regular GI specialist could only offer biologic drugs and steroids with hefty side effects, I have been taking MMS for over a year and my labs results have shown decreased lactoferrin levels and stable potassium, salts, and sugars for the first time in a long time. People can trust the FDA all they want to. Anything that is labelled “cure” is always considered dangerous and “quackery.”

  2. Tebogo Motlhale

    When you speak of chlorine dioxide under the brand of “MMS”, you blatantly refer to it as “bleach” without ANY qualification or any mercy on the warnings about its CLEAR DANGERS ! But then suddenly when you acknowledge that chlorine dioxide is used to PURIFY the water that WE DRINK to make that water PURE {and SAFE for us to drink}, suddenly now you NO LONGER want to blatantly say and maintain that “this DANGEROUS INDUSTRIAL GRADE BLEACH SOLUTION” is used to PURIFY the water that we drink so that this water is PURE and SAFE for us to drink ? Can I get a witness ?? About chlorine dioxide used to PURIFY our drinking water, in a very sneaky way, you suddenly know how to craftily QUALIFY your statement to insinuate that apparently the concentration is LOW, as if such LOW concentrations suddenly make it to NO LONGER be the SAME TOXIC INDUSTRIAL GRADE BLEACH SOLUTION ! How did its “toxic industrial grade bleach aspects/properties” mysteriously disappear when it is used to PURIFY our drinking water ?? Can I get a witness ? Amen !

  3. Roy Brooks

    As for the death of Sylvia Fink the coroners report was inconclusive. So if the coroner doesn’t know why she died you cannot say MMS was the cause. Know one knows why she bought MMS but she obviously had some medical problem she was trying to fix. Why don’t you ask her husband why he waited 12 hours before getting medical help with his wife laying in agony and why he stood back videoing other people desperately to revive her. ?????

    Did you know that not one single product the comes out of any pharmaceutical company cures.
    They are not in the business of curing. They are in the business of relieving symptoms. If their pills cure they have lost you as a customer. If their pills relieve your symptoms they have you for life.

    The science behind MMS (chlorine dioxide) is absolutely rock solid. It kills all pathogens and does not harm normal healthy cells in the body. This has been proven in hundreds of tests done by universities and medical and scientific establishments. Thousands of city water treatment plants around the world have converted from chlorine to chlorine dioxide as it is a safer and more effective chemical to treat water.

    My estimate is that 40 million people have used MMS over the last 20 or so years with enormous success and not 1 verifiable death. Take any recent 10 year period and the pharmaceutical companies in that time have killed more people than all of the people that have died in all the wars that America have been in!
    Go to http://www.pharmadeathclock.com and have a look.

    The pharmaceutical companies are by far the most evil organisations on this planet.

    Any cure that is found for any disease is shut down with a vengance by big pharma.

    Got arthritis you need boron, go read the story about Rex Newnham and how big pharma shut him down.
    Go read the story of Greg Caton who developed Cancema (for skin cancer) and what big pharma did to him.
    Go read the story of Dr Royal Rife who cured thousands of cancer and other diseases and what the AMA did to him. Truly disgusting.
    There are hundreds of similar stories.

    Enough ranting. I will not touch pharmaceutical drugs. I will stick with my natural products and my MMS which by the way cured my cancer, my dogs cancer and many other “minor” health problems I have had.

    Roy Brooks

  4. Teresa Cardwell

    Cured me of malaria 20 years ago

    Worked when I thought I was going to die! I believe this could cure coronavirus!

    Never have had any malaria symptoms since!

  5. Leena

    MMS is not bleach. I mean people on here are commenting with such arrogance saying its quackery,etc. A simple search would show you it’s not bleach. How hard is that to do?

    There are actual people who use it and have amazing results. So all of them should be discredited then? Chalk it up to just a placebo? Come on. Who paid you to spread disinformation like that?

    Do better.

  6. Karl

    Is mms a effective treatment for Coronavirus?

  7. Iggy

    1 autist x 2,500 new born. 1990. 1 autist x 88 new born . 2008 1 autist x 50 new born. 2016
    Who is I lying ?

  8. Heike

    By the way, I’m always seeing could and should in the article .Where is the real proof of harm? It lies in the eye of the beholder

  9. Heike Hagelmann

    A cured patient is a lost patient. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want us healthy! They want to sell. Doctors want to make money for a good living. Nobody of them cares a rats ass. I got so often sick and had allergic Reaktions to pharm. Meds. Just reading the leaflets of that stuff makes you even more sick. I’m not on mms because can’t get it , would love to try , have lime disease.

  10. Jeffrey Bomes

    No one has dies from taking MMS . This article is such bs.
    Only MIT’s most prestigous Dr Stephanie Seneff showed how amazing this is, and with Kerri Rivera. You’d be alot smarter listening to them then Acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Ned Sharpless obviously.
    I have taken this for years. instead of anti biotics. It’s what smart people do that know taking pharmacuticals does not
    fix any problems but makes more of them. And MMS is not that same as drinking bleach. Nice try

  11. Heather

    It’s really disheartening to see comments supporting this quackery. So many Autistic kids have been damaged by this garbage. I mean, come on, what would make you think drinking bleach would cure you of anything. Even diluted, it’s still bleach. Anything above water purification levels is unsafe, and what they are handing people could be 3,000 times the limit. Let me be clear: YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO DRINK BLEACH. Would you drink nitroglycerin or sulfuric acid if some website claimed it cured all? That is what this like.

    To the faithful, I urge you to read the science. Not all studies are funded by “big pharma” nor is there some government plot to hide “the truth” from you. Get a grip. The whole world isn’t lying to you.

    And to the Autism moms, NOTHING cures Autism. Nothing. Acute liver failure and severe dehydration may “calm down” you child, but you are basically killing them in a vain attempt to fix the unfixable. If you want better behavior, authoritarian rule over your child is not going to work. And trust me, verbal or not, your child knows if you do not accept them. They hear and understand what you say in front of them. I would be angry and aggressive if my parent talked about me the some of you talk about you kids.

    Stop trying to cure Autism and try to accept your kid. You might actually learn something from them. If you listened to your kid instead of the dire predictions and this quackery, you might raise a healthy kid. They will always be different, but that isn’t a bad thing. Autism didn’t steal your “normal” child. Your Autistic child is their own normal. If they have self harming stims, that can to trained to switch to safe stims.

  12. Pam

    I was having my 6th bout of cellulitis in part caused by lymphedema caused by lymph nodes being removed.
    Several times I managed to get on top of it but I late 70’s and exhausted from trying.
    So I went for antibiotics as it was spreading up both legs again and I was so tired of getting up at nights every 1 1/2 hrs to put ice packs in two towels to tie round my legs so I could get back to sleep. But when they warmed up the pain and burning itching was back and had to get up and renew them. I was extremely sceptical that MMS1 drops would work after just finishing an oral dose of antibiotics 10 days followed by intravenous 4 days but was at my wits end with other remedies.
    To my absolute amazement taking 3 drops an hour for the first day I slept that night no ice packs required.
    I started the drops again the next day but by the 3rd dose was feeling nauseous so stopped. Did not realise at that time you should always start with 1 drop doses as the die off or removal of toxins can overload you and that is what results in the nausea or /plus diarrhoea. Please educate yourself on its use the stuff is amazing and used all the time in food industry. We take a dose every night now as a preventative but if anything strikes won’t hesitate. The sprays you can make are really just awesome compared to the useless stuff big Pharma gets Drs to prescribe.
    Some excellent books out there “Forbidden Health” by Andreas Kalcker” a Bio-Physicist is tremendous but I could only find it in English in Spain so cost a lot to get it here. Elsewhere it has been removed as have many others, plus peoples testimonials. Amazon, YouTube, Book companies. You have to ask what are they scared of?

  13. Micc

    Articles like this always make me laugh. Like the ONE person that turned blue from colloidal silver…. See! see! Its not safe, you will turn blue like this guy WAH HAHAHA.
    Yet MD’s KILL almost a million souls a year in the USA alone with pharmaceuticals, mistakes and unnecessary surgeries. Trust the clowns in the white lab coats, their way is PROVEN.
    MMS like any other alternative they cry “it’s NOT PROVEN!”.
    The “proven way” is a proven failure ie. chemo and radiation kill 97% of the patients they use it on but thats the “best way” to fill our pockets.

    Ive been using mms for 4 years. So do my smart friends. My dog and cat love it. Nobody dies.
    Its IMPOSSIBLE to die from mms if used PROPERLY. Municipalities use it for purify the water supply. Hahaha its deadly I tell you!

  14. Mike Jenkins

    I’ve been using MMS for several years. It is truly miraculous. Sites like this one who spew out lies and deceptions should be brought down. The sleaze bags who put these sites online will probably do anything for money. They don’t care about anything but filling their pockets. Absolute trash!

  15. George Kramer

    I’ve been using this for years with no adverse side effects. Every time I feel the Flu or a cold coming I take it. It works 100 percent of the time for me. I’ve used it on my goats once when they had a serious infection. The vet tried antibiotics with no improvement. He said if it did not improve we may have to have them put down. I gave them MMS. It cured them. As far as the FDA is concerned, I’d say there are more reasons not to believe them than to believe them. Big pharma wants this product taken down because it works very well and they cannot patent it. It’s that simple. Big pharma is interested in making money, not helping people.

  16. D. Brasco

    Using this stuff now. Mmm 5 drops to start. Hour later 6 drops. Im no lightweight. Truly a Gift from God in this diseased evil world. Shut up author ur the only crack pot writing with 0 experience. Weak article.

  17. N J K

    Dishonest Article said 1 drop? No, 1 drop in a glass of water! No more than chlorine in your city’s drinking water. Take city water Chlorine straight, and there will be kidney damage too, which is a cheap substitute for chlorine dioxide water purifier. I have saved many of my livestock, bloat, even gangrene after a dog attack. Parvo in 5 dogs, sometimes with just water purified with 2 drops chlorine dioxide. Tell my neighbor, that Sprayed it on his foliculitis to avoid painful scalp scraping that he’s lying, also good to spray on bed sores and shingles! I could sware under oath as I was an eye witness. It made a lot of my neighbors happy campers. In real life, I can’t prove anything, because they don’t get sick on que in a test study, so there’s no way to have a controlled group. It cost me no more than 5 cents to immediately help these very sick and dying dogs, instead of hundreds of dollars in treatments and transfusions. I charge nothing, and I have nothing to gain either way. I know I’m not lying, and that’s all that counts!

  18. stella

    I totally agree with Patricia, a friend s dog had a severe ear infection, he had seen MMS drops used properly cure severe pneumonia, with a 9 months old tooth abscess in a couple of days, so he tried it on the dog, I had suggested he offers a bowl of water with drops and one without the drops and let the dog choose, amazingly he said the dog chose the drops and the ear infection cleared with no consequences. I myself saw a case of severe stomach flue nipped in the bud on the first day within 24 hours. For one chlorine is the most common element, and chlorine dioxide iis what meat packing plants spray on the meat, because after killing pathogens all what s left is common table salt as a metabolite. If I remember well it is even used in some hospitals in some southern countries. No patent aka not patentable ( sodium chlorite is a molecule found in nature, relative of salt, citric acid or vinegar are ante deluvian non patentable and no patent=no buck
    this witch hunt is similar to the iodine phobia, the borax cover up, the L-Tryptophan censureship ( FB won t let me post the link to the CPS entry for it and the B complex IV injectables can only be found now online from China, who is the quack here ??? yeah man enjoy your cheque and bon apetit with the antipsychotics distributed like candies, 3rd most sold pills on the planet….need I say more ?

  19. Jeron Tyler

    I have never ingested MMS simply because it smells like bleach. However, I have gum disease and so I use it as a mouth wash. My dentist doesn’t understand why my front tooth hasnt fallen out due to the amount of bone loss around the tooth. I believe its thanks to me faithfully using this stuff. By the way I only use it once a week, sometimes people over due it perhaps thats why deaths are happening.

  20. M B

    Sodium chloride? MMS is sodium chlorite. It is meant to be used in a particular way and when used properly it is effective and very safe. Of course abuses occur, but it isn’t deadly like pharmaceutical drugs that are abused and are deadly.

  21. Lauri

    My husband is completely brainwashed in this stuff and has been taking it every day for two years now. I have noticed his brain function is diminishing. He talked me into trying it once and I was deathly sick for four days and it has left some permanent damage to my nerve system. I just don’t understand how it hasn’t done more damage to my husband! I just hope someday it can be eliminated from this country.

  22. Patricia

    One death from MMS. Wow, that’s shocking. Have you taken the time to look at iatrogenic deaths? Because that’s really shocking. Pharmaceutical drugs, surgical mistakes, ie physician induced deaths. They’re greater than cancer or heart disease. And we’re only talking about the ones that get reported. In NYC only 2.4% get reported. So what’s the real number?

    Yet, hit pieces like yours are the real quack pots. Hope you’re enjoying your paycheck.

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