4 comments to “Star Safety Ratings, Long Helpful to Car Buyers, Now Languish in the Breakdown Lane”

  1. Louis V. Lombardo

    Sean Kane is right:

    “Sean Kane, president of Safety Research & Strategies, a research and advocacy group in Rehoboth, Mass., said “the…program would be better served if there were a regular evaluation to it every few years.””

  2. d.s. kiefer

    Matthew Mabey’s Sept. 4 summary statement gets to the heart of the matter; he speaks for me.

  3. David DeVeau

    I wholeheartedly agree that the present 5 Star Rating System is useless but I must add that there was an alternative presented at the October 01, 2018 meeting. In fact I was the speaker in the Rating System Category and presented a 10 Star Speed Safety System and Safety Sticker Design that adds Collision Avoidance next to Crashworthiness and it was very well received by the NHTSA NCAP authorities and even by the Automotive Alliance representative that was seated next to me.
    Although it has been almost a year since then and I am concerned that the objective to update NCAP for the 2020 model year is looking bleak especially since the NHTSA is still without a Secretary and there has been no official word about this since the meeting.

  4. Matthew Mabey

    The very fact that all the technologies mentioned in the article (e.g. lane departure and automatic braking) puts the lie to the article’s claim that auto makers aren’t innovating beyond the star rating criteria. But those increase safety without effecting crashworthiness and thus shouldn’t be part of the star system.
    I would assert that 5-star rated cars are crashworthy enough, or possibly even too much. The environmental cost of doing more is considerable.
    We need to be focusing on the drivers and pedestrians. Poor driving and foolhardy walking is eating away at the safety improvements of cars and roadways.
    Driver assists can be useful, but full autonomy is far from the panacea that many are promoting. It is also further from realization than many would have us believe. A well trained saddle horse is a better model for autonomy.

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