2 comments to “Lawsuit Takes Aim at Sheltered Workshops, Where Disabled Workers Make Far Less than Minimum Wage”

  1. John Johnson

    The assumption that the intended beneficiaries of the 14c certificate are people with disabilities is categorically false. The actual band intended beneficiaries are the executive directors and staff the overwhelming majority of whom are no disabled.

  2. Ed scott

    14 c illustrates the problem with legislation that cares for the elderly, odd, sick and disabled – which costs were woven into the fabric of family and local community’s till modern times, and now are born by a shrinking middle class. The well intended law morphed into a wealth machine for some, like, the Dawson’s ($3,000,000 a year) while the intended beneficiaries are exploited beyond ethical justification. (.25 cents an hour)
    It’s fitting and proper that Society cares for the elderly, odd, sick and disabled. It’s essential to our current political discussions.

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