2 comments to “Alcohol Causes Cancer. Should There Be a Warning Label on Bottles and Cans?”

  1. K scott

    This is troubling info that the public should be made aware of. I had no idea that alcohol was a carcinogenic. I will think twice before I have my next glass of wine.

  2. Vyvian

    I appreciate knowing that alcohol is a carcinogen, as I didn’t know that before. I asked a bunch of my friends about it, and they didn’t know either. It isn’t going to stop me from drinking, but I think jackson Shedelbower should pay attention instead of being dismissive. “Everyone knows that heavy drinking is bad for you.” Well, Mr. Know-it-All, this research is talking about moderate drinking and cancer, not heavy drinking. pay attention and don’t be so arrogant.

    I also encourage people to click on the link and read the actual article. Evidently 42% of cancer is due to preventable causes. That is way higher than I thought!

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