2 comments to “Golf, Pesticides and a Father’s Death”

  1. Claude Marc

    A developer here in Myrtle Beach has been approved by the county commission to build 500 houses on a just recentley closed 36 yr old golf course .We think it has to be toxic being built on the fairways alone.No study, clean up ,or any mention of toxic chemicals were debated.Do you think our concern is valid and what shud we do next.Thanx,Claude

  2. Deborah Altschuler

    June 18, 1970, Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel today announced a new policy flatly banning the use of 16 types of pesticides on any lands managed by the Department’s bureaus and agencies, or in any program run by them.



    It should be noted that FDA unfortunately and neglectfully still approves pesticide lindane for children with lice.

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