4 comments to “Golf, Pesticides and a Father’s Death”

  1. Kris woppert

    When applied according to the label these products can be used with little chance for harm to the applicator. People who golf and lick their ball clean or don’t wear shoes cause they like the pretty grass between their toes are going to be exposed to the chemicals. I’ve been doing this type of work for 20 yrs and only in the last 2 yrs have people been trying to link deaths to pesticides. I don’t dispute they got exposed and died because of it but they got exposed cause they didn’t follow the directions or were doing dumb things to get them exposed. We aren’t going to ban electricity cause someone died when they got shocked for sticking their finger in a light socket. FYI I’ve seen people lick their golf ball clean many times. I’ve seen people avoid my marking foam like it’s the plague but swipe they hand across the grass to clean around their ball.

    Pesticides don’t kill people. People who use them irresponsibly do.

  2. Al Breeck

    Golf courses are also vast areas of land dedicated to having nothing alive on them that moves. Not so much as a fly or a deer. Where is the sport in that?
    Golf balls in fact can degrade and contaminate the water with microplastics and rubber. Millions of them in one location made the news and led to a study.

  3. Claude Marc

    A developer here in Myrtle Beach has been approved by the county commission to build 500 houses on a just recentley closed 36 yr old golf course .We think it has to be toxic being built on the fairways alone.No study, clean up ,or any mention of toxic chemicals were debated.Do you think our concern is valid and what shud we do next.Thanx,Claude

  4. Deborah Altschuler

    June 18, 1970, Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel today announced a new policy flatly banning the use of 16 types of pesticides on any lands managed by the Department’s bureaus and agencies, or in any program run by them.



    It should be noted that FDA unfortunately and neglectfully still approves pesticide lindane for children with lice.

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