4 comments to “Spinning Blades, Broken Bodies and Danger by Design”

  1. Alan Schoem

    Most cars today have backup cameras allowing the driver to see people behind them. Many cars also sound an alert when there is a car or person behind them. So the auto industry has done something. Just because a car cannot be prevented from traveling in reverse is no reason to allow mowers to mow in reverse.
    The mower industry in the late 70s also said walk behind lawn mowers could not function if there was engine kill or blade stop when the operator let go of the handle. Honda proved that to be false and injuries due to contact with the moving blade were reduced significantly when CPSC issued a lawn mower standard.

  2. Larry Westbrook

    How can the machine be at fault it doesn’t have a mind of its own so it’s got to be the operator true that said people in this day & age is so rapped up in the hurry & Hustle of life’s issues they don’t even have time to think rational about anything that’s going on at that moment in time hurry do this hurry do that it’s just a fast pace world we live in help us lord to slow down & take one day at a time & not worry so much about tomorrow because tomorrow might not come anyway & we say amen for that great is our God for hearing us when we pray.??

  3. Suzanne Zitser


    Thank you for bringing this to peoples attention – this practice has bothered me for over 40 yeas! Kudos to you!

  4. Victor Wren

    Thousands of kids are killed and severely injured every year by their parents backing over them with cars. Fifty children are backed over by their parents each week. What would be the solution to make it impossible to back over kids? How should cars be changed to make them harmless to children? Should SUVs, pickup trucks, and any other vehicle with a rear window higher than 28″ from the ground be banned?

    Heavy equipment and children is always dangerous combination. It is incumbent on the operators of any equipment to be aware of their surroundings. Some equipment cannot be made harmless to children without catastrophically impacting its usefulness and longevity or making it prohibitively expensive. We have already seen what government meddling has done to make fuel containers absolutely useless and even more dangerous than they were, all in the name of protecting children (now it’s nearly impossible for ANYBODY to use them without taking a bath in gasoline and spilling it everywhere.)

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