13 comments to “Worker Advocates Burned Up Over Lack of Federal Heat Protections”

  1. Florence

    Yes, all employers should take care of their employee by providing all kind of protection while outdoor works.

  2. mplo

    This is utterly disgraceful. The fact that workers are left with no protection from extreme weather, including heat and cold, is beyond disgraceful–and disgusting, to boot. What is it going to take before this changes?

  3. Crystal Anne Mourad

    This is ridiculous! We should not need laws to do what is common sense! Provide protection for your employees! To say it is not the company’s fault why we need so many laws!

  4. greg

    The author of this article should start a petition at change.org or care2.org and pist the link here…then send to head of OSHA

  5. Ken

    I work for an airline and have worked in temps ranging from -60 with a wind chill to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t know your body’s tolerance to the weather you should work in a climate controlled environment. I’ll be 60 this year so don’t preach to me. Know your limits and take care of yourself because nobody else will.

  6. Jeffrey Koniski

    May God bless all victims of these terrible conditions and let’s end them NOW.

  7. Edwin Simmons

    We are all different when it comes to being exposed to the elements. I worked most of my younger years outside. I was exposed to extreme heat & humidity from the sun, got wet from the rain, fell on ice covered walkways and steps and contacted pneumonia from extended exposure. I did not complain, but tried to adapt, and I did, it was what referred to being climatized. Now that I am in my mid seventies I avoid the heat and cold as much as possible. I have had health issues since the year two thousand and I try to look after myself. I go south in the winter to get away from the cold and the stress that is related to being housebound. I consider myself fortunate to have escaped any serious weather related problems since I reached my fifties. Most of us did not know any better and we had to be tough in the fifties, sixties and seventies. Now I realize it was ignorance on both the employer and employee. Stay alert to your surroundings and stay safe, so you have good quality of life in your senior years.

  8. Thrinley DiMarco

    All workers should be protected…..no matter whether their jobs are inside or outside.

  9. Adriana Porrata

    What workers in Puerto Rico use is what is Known as a “pava” a large straw hat typical of the island. .

  10. Adriana Porrata

    My father was a lawyer and a sugar cane planter in Puerto Rico. When I was around 11 until high school we used to go to the farm whenever we could and I remember that cane field workers used to begin at 4:00 AM and ended close to noon. I never understood that schedule until my father told me it was to protect them from the heat of the day. Light movable tents could be used for farming and construction partially subsidized by the government. Windproof head held umbrellas could work also.

  11. Diana Pierce

    I believe all outside workers should be protected from the heat and cold. This includes zoo workers.

  12. Anthony Muratore

    Heat should be addressed as a major danger to workers.

  13. Margaret

    There’s no reason for this tragedy!

    Employers must protect their workers and treat them equally with concern and respect.

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