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2 comments to “Apple Has Swatted Away Distracted Driving Lawsuits Without Much Trouble So Far”

  1. Louis V. Lombardo

    This is an excellent article on a subject of life or death or disability importance. Every publication that wants to give its readers information they need should publish this article too to prevent tragedies.

  2. Troy Spracklin

    I am the creator of eBrake, a distracted driving solution that prevents drivers from engaging in dangerous distractions while driving.

    I met with Apple’s Director of Developer Relations in May of 2017 to showcase the eBrake solution. We were praised for our solution, promised assistance in making eBrake available to consumers and subsequently ignored.

    We met with the same Apple Director in November 2017 and were requested to provide Apple with our product for review. We did so only to be ignored once again. The following software update from Apple rendered eBrake ineffective on Apple’s new devices. It became clear that Apple had no intention of allowing eBrake to enter the consumer space and clearly went out of their way to block eBrake from use in the enterprise space despite a strong outcry from organizations looking to mitigate distracted driving in their own fleets.

    Apple’s App Store monopoly and app submission requirements to review applications and in some cases delay developer releases provides Apple an unfair advantage over developers to release innovative products. This cherry-picking is obvious to many developers and needs to be stopped with an anti-trust action to ensure Apple cannot prevent innovative, and in the case of eBrake, life saving technologies from entering the marketplace.

    Apple claims to have the public’s interest and this could not be further from the truth.

    Is this what Steve Jobs would have wanted?

    I think not!

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