One comment to “Law Puts Big Retailers on the Hook for Pay Owed to Truckers”

  1. Jose Herrera

    The HTA is the last organization on earth to “define best practices.” Many HTA members had final judgments over the past few years and then blatantly ignored those decisions and let them become final, enforceable judgments. It’s only because of the years of hard work by the Labor Commissioner and drivers’ lawyers chasing these companies down, plus the threat of ending up on the black list, that finally got all those companies to pay their workers. Trust me – many HTA members are NOT doing things the “proper way.” They still keep misclassifying and stealing from drivers, and gambling that occasionally they might have to pay a worker or two if they get caught. I should know – I’m a driver at XPO Logistics and the Labor Commissioner has ruled that XPO is stealing my wages by illegal classifying me as an ‘independent contractor,’ and they are fighting me and my co-workers tooth and nail!

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