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Stuart Silverstein is assistant editor at FairWarning.

2 comments to “With Smack-Talking Invective, Lawyer Groups Appeal to Public as One Big Jury Pool”

  1. Joanne Doroshow

    I am the Executive Director of the Center for Justice & Democracy at New York Law School. I normally greatly admire the reporting done by FairWarning, but I found this article highly misleading. It’s not that I don’t think a serious journalistic attack on pernicious state “rankings” by the American Tort Reform Association and Institute for Legal Reform (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) is worth doing. These two DC-based groups exist to limit the liability of their oil, chemical, drug, tobacco, insurance (I could go on) members. What they do is very dangerous and they should be held to account. For years, academic experts and journalists have trashed their reports as fake, false and corrupt. Your article adds to what’s already been written, so no complaint there. My problem is that (we assume) in order to appear “balanced,” you saw a need to compare these panned studies with a year-end report from the American Association for Justice called, “Worst Corporate Conduct of 2018” – a report that no one criticizes, and in fact, no one in your entire article even comments on. (Notably, that report was not done in response to the others. Your article falsely states that it was.) In sum, your article creates a false equivalence that, in my view, is irresponsible and inflammatory journalism. Definitely not what I expected from FairWarning, and I hope we can expect better in the future.

  2. Louis V. Lombardo

    Bravo! We the people need more articles like this. We need more focus on the harms that people suffer without receiving justice, please.

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