10 comments to “Federal Vaccine Court Quietly Pays Out Billions”

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    […] damages from the vaccines? Despite the media telling you over and over again that they are safe, $4 BILLION have already been paid out due to damages and death. Expect that to only […]

  2. Vaccination is Ineffective and Dangerous — Karel Donk

    […] Such stories usually receive very little to no attention in the mainstream media for obvious reasons — it goes against the pro-vaccination propaganda of the establishment. But such cases where children and adults suffer because of being poisoned via vaccination are far more common than the establishment would want you to believe. Here’s from Fair Warning: […]

  3. butch

    The best part is only 1-10% of these bad reactions get to “court”, mostly because “professionals” continue the “safe and effective” cult-like religious mantra dictated by the manufacturers of these poisons who have no indemnity for their products. Criminal hardly begins to describe the irreparable harm we’ve done to a generation of children damaged for life by these toxic injections. Insanity I think is a better word. Now that RFK has proven HHS has not tested a SINGLE vaccine for safety, yet alone the reactions to multiple vaccines injected simultaneously, you’d think politicians and professionals would respond. Oh wait, I was thinking they work for us, I forgot they work for their masters, not the people, thats a lost old concept. Just read the list of admitted “side” effects on the insert packages to these noxious disease provoking serums if you want clarity. Oh wait, “Doctors” say they are safe and effective…..these would be the same doctors who are so busy that they cant even spend 10 minutes with a patient, yet alone read any studies that haven’t come from the fox guarding the henhouse publications of the corrupt CDC and FDA.. What a sad joke. That said, many professionals do tell the truth, courageous and brave with integrity, but they are vilified by a complicit media that push the lies into mass consciousness, and worse yet, work diligently to HIDE the truth.

  4. K Anderson

    Why is the government (i.e., taxpayers) paying for this when it should be the pharma companies? There is only a small victory here – for those who deserve the compensation (and they do). But justice is not being reached when those receiving the compensation are also the ones funding it.

  5. Alison Fujito

    This is one of the most balanced articles I’ve seen on this subject in a long time. However, some important facts were left out, including the fact that the CDC’s ESTIMATE of 80,000 flu deaths includes all reported pneumonia deaths (whether or not they were reported in association with influenza), and is also based on a complicated formula that includes deaths among the elderly, deaths occurring in winter, etc.

    The number those vaccinated for the flu among the reported flu deaths has apparently not been tracked; it is certainly never reported. For a vaccine whose primary side effects are “flu-like symptoms,” and can also cause more serious neurological issues, such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, this looks like a deeply troubling indication of either incompetence or fraud at the CDC.

  6. Tiki Manley

    This article fails to explain exactly what these people are compensated for—what are the exact harms l—and are there certain types of children more likely to be harmed.

    Many are apparently needle injuries or injuries from fevers that can result.

    Children who are prone to inflammation are the ones most likely to be affected.

  7. Hans Litten

    $4bn paid out for safe and effective !

    Unsafe & defective more like.

    And the lamestream media covers it all up.

  8. Denise Benner

    Young parents, they’ve never seen measles; they don’t see meningitis; they don’t see mumps and the sterility that can result,” said Dr. Cody Meissner, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ committee on infectious disease. This is a flat out lie! The MMR vaccine has caused atypical measles as well as shed and infected others. The mumps part of the vaccine has always had poor efficacy and sterility is extremely rare. More young girls have become sterile from the HPV vaccine!! Many of the vaccines cause the very adverse reactions as the natural virus itself including meningitis. The natural wild viruses actually strengthen our immune systems. The complications that can arise are so extremely rare in a developed country that the risks of vaccine adverse reactions out weigh the benefits of any toxic ridden and contaminated vaccine. Our children are sick and riddled with secondary diseases and cancer from vaccines! STOP THE MADNESS.

  9. Matthew Mabey

    Without passing judgment on the concept of the VICP, I find it very ironic that a system such as this tends to be the brainchild of people that think open-government “Sunshine Laws” are fundamental to our democracy. It seems that open, readily-available information about government activities is good, only until it works against someone’s other pet project. Then secrecy is apparently justified and acceptable.
    Despite the world’s huge problems related to over-population, I guess vaccines are largely a good thing. I just think it is appalling that the advocates of vaccination try and keep the truth about their effectiveness and dangers a secret. If a child treated through faith-healing dies because of a naturally occurring disease, they make it a headline and prosecute the parents for a crime. If a child treated with a vaccine is killed, they try to sweep it under a rug. There is a word for that: hypocrisy.
    My final question is this: How many people (children) are harmed and killed by vaccines and the parents never know that VICP exists, or that the vaccine was actually the cause? I suspect that is something we will never know.

  10. Brett Levy

    The number of injury cases, both accepted and rejected, seems to merit a story in of itself.

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