3 comments to “When Workers Are Killed on Small Farms, OSHA’s Hands Are Tied”

  1. pat

    One day, using your own judgement that proves to be incorrect, hopefully its your own life lost and not anyone else. As pointed out in this article, most businesses have to use basic safety measures, and if they fail can be sued. Often, the cost is minor to be safe. A rope harness and respirator cost very little. Maybe if these farms had to face the news in the press and public opinion refusing to buy their products, plus paying wrongful death suit to replace lost wages of the dead bread winner, they’d get a clue. Second offense should include prison sentence for intentional manslaughter and public auction of the farm with first proceeds to the grieving family. Just amazed that no one harmed by a vengefull survivor. Lucky for those causing this mayhem that most people chose to do good not evil.

  2. Edward C. Beck

    Thanks for letting us know that at least on farms, people have to right to use their own judgement, and are not forced to rely on a nanny government. It is refreshing to know government oversight isn’t in all places yet, lets hope it stays out.

  3. Carol Bergh

    Hideous! Criminal!

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